Don't leave me

You see my foolishness and mistakes
You see my nakedness and disgrace
You see my awkwardness and sad face
You see me all even when I’m in sane

I confessed to you because my heart told me to
I couldn’t look at you while keeping all these too
I confessed to you because you matter more than those two
I couldn’t tell a lie,  you’ve always told me not to

Please forgive me ‘cos I know you’re hurting
Please don’t  leave me ‘cos I know I’m not worth it
Please pardon me, you can just punish me for a while
Please stay with me you know I’ll change only of you stay

5 thoughts on “Confessions” by Funmi Fasipe (@Funmilolafash)

  1. Very touching indeed.That moment when you choose to be honest to your listener,you become sober.The last line of stanza 3
    “Please stay with me you know I’ll change only IF you stay” sums it up.
    Congratulations.Great work from you.

  2. Amazing piece Funmi!
    I’d have to borrow a line or two when next I’m caught…

  3. Thank you @gabriel and @drose. You’re free …..smiles

  4. Confessions! *in Usher’s voice*
    Of course you’re worth it. You confessed, that’s enough to prove that you’re ready for change.

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