Birthday Gone Awry

“It’s my birthday and I’m expecting a gift from everyone today”. Prisca muttered to herself as she gave her makeup a final touch.

Prisca stepped out of her room glamorously. She woke up early so she could have enough time to look her best, because it was her birthday. But when she got to the living room, her expectation were cut short. No one gave her a hug or even a kiss as the family culture to everyone on their birthday. She felt disappointed! “Maybe they forgot or my curiosity made me forget today’s date… What’s going on?” thoughts rushed through her mind as she made for the dining room.

She sat to her meal hoping someone will remember and burst the bubbles in her. “At least, my little sister Kiki will remember.” she thought to herself and smiled.
But her expectation was cut short again.

She left the table and kept repeating her ‘goodbyes’ just to call someone’s attention to remember, but it didn’t seem to work. She called out for the driver trying every possible best to conceal her anger towards the family.

“What could be wrong with them? At least they should talk about my new cloth and someone should have complimented my looks. What is wrong with them and why must this demon of amnesia posses them today? At least, it would be different in the office.” She tried to encourage herself.

Being the daughter of a commissioner, she was opportune to get a job immediately after her Youth Service program. Her dad could foot her needs, but she always had the urge to work. Everyone in the office loved her for her hardworking spirit. “You could hardly find a rich man’s daughter working like this anywhere” they always say in office.

Stepping into the office with a beautiful smile, she hoped everyone will exclaim the “Happy Birthday” mantra and present their gifts like they did each year, but everyone seems to be busy with a thing or the other. Surprised again, she walked up to her best friend in the office and told her about her new cloth maybe she will remember, in case she forgot. But she only gave a cold response.

She was all moody all through the day trying to figure out what went wrong and when it was closing hours, she stayed behind maybe she could console herself before going home to the lock head family she had. “Today is my worst birthday ever.” She thought as she kept staring at the files on the other side of the table.

She walked out of the office to meet the driver, he always comes to pick her at a specified time. But he wasn’t there today. “He knows I should be home by this time, why is he not here yet for goodness sake!” She was almost screaming.

“I’ll wait for him here. The big head has some explanations to make. Why is everything against me today?” she lamented as she walked out the gate.

She waited for some minutes, but there was no sign of him. She was getting furious and thought about the many things she will do to the driver when he eventually shows up. 30minutes later she was still standing there waiting for him and it was getting dark already. She waited a little more before going further to get a taxi.

“This will be the last day that man will work here!” she exclaimed as she pushed open their iron gate.

“Where is this gateman too?” she looked around and went inside.
“I’m heading straight to my room and I will only come out when I’m set for office tomorrow” she spoke into the air angrily as she opened the door.

When she got in, there was an unusual quietness and calm in the house. Everywhere was silent and it seem they had all faded into tin air. She looked around and went into every room in the house. “If this is a prank it isn’t funny in anyway. You people should come out of your hide outs, I’m not interested in such stuffs tonight” she said very scared.

“Mummy, daddy, Kiki, big brother, big sis,” she called out everyone’s name, but the only answer she got was the echo of her voice.

“What is going on?” she asked herself as she rushed to the direction of the door. She was rushing to get an explanation from the gateman. When she got outside, she recalled the gateman wasn’t there when she came in and that scared her the more.

“Could it be the rupture those church people always told me about? No! I can still hear voices and hooting of cars on the street. “They want to use this to cover up for not remembering my birthday, I knew it! They thought they could scare me? Me Prisca? It didn’t move me am inch. I will go back inside to prove them wrong.” she exclaimed loud enough so that, perhaps if they had planned to prank her, they will know it didn’t work…..

“What is going on and was it really a prank or rapture?” Watch out!

6 thoughts on “Birthday Gone Awry” by Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice. Though I was a bit disappointed when I got to the end only to realise that there will be a concluding part; you ought to have included ‘series’ among the categories you chose.

  2. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Nice telling… Although the story is almost predictable.
    I seriously doubt if a different conclusion to this story would make it more appealing. With the conclusion I am hoping that you are about unveiling, I think the story would have been better delivered once and for all.

    Keep going!

  3. I have not written in a long time, so I have no right to judge.
    However, i do agree with the first comments. I got really bored towards the end of the story.
    Keep writing . I’m certain the second part of the story will be better.

  4. Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

    @namdi @Levuz and @KyceeQ
    Knees bending arms folded in each other, I’m very sorry for boring you with my boring story.
    I felt it was too long that’s why I split it into two.

    Forgive my gibberish, it was as a result of having nothing to do and writing from an idle mind. 😢

    The remaining part will be out soon, try manage read am abeg!
    hugs and kisses*

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)


      Are you seriously saying this is very boring? OF COURSE NOT!
      It was well written and I am looking forward to a smashing sequel.

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