A Prayer Away

They’re moments in life
When we feel empty and lost
Our hearts fail to trust
Even our maker who cares for us
Our pain and trials seem to mock
And our faith in God is lost.

We sit alone in the dark
Maybe the pain will subside
We ask ourselves questions
Questions without solutions
We are broken within
And no one can redeem
That heart that has been seared.

We keep hoping for a change
Crying and wailing alone
God seems to be far away
Leaving us to our painful fate
We are blinded by the storms
That was meant to make us strong

“Behind that frowning providence
God hides a smiling face”
But we can’t see beneath that frown
That frown that hurts so much
How much longer will I hold on?
You ask
When will the miracle come?
You crave

You are not alone dear one
We are all faced with pain in tons
And had been broken before
That God that seems far away
Is near
That pain was meant to teach
And make us strong to persevere
You were never alone
He is always here with you.

Arise from the dark
And let the Lord shine His light
Look beyond that fear
Somehow you’ll see God’s smile

Dear Lord I pray,
When our pain and odds seems to get the best of us
Remind us Lord;
That you are a prayer away
Help us to see beyond our pain
Even as we experience your revival again.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer Away” by Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

  1. Thank you Fikayo! God is only a prayer away.
    I realised something; when you abandon the worries and just remind yourself to be happy no matter what, at that moment, God’s love that the worry blocked, will come rushing in, filling you. In that moment I tell you there is nothing you can’t do, nothing you can’t ask for. You just have to hold on to that feeling, to him and- to borrow a line, You’ll be fine.

  2. I love the penultimate verse, my fav it is.

    Good job.

  3. Thank you @Vanessa for adding that to it..

  4. @Praiz I’m glad you love it. fikayomiblog.wordpress.com

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