A Note

Undear So-Called Father,

Since it has been confirmed by my analysis and judgement that you lack the competence, even the mere affection, to discharge your fatherly duties owing to your irrationality and irritability, and that you treat and control me whichever way you like like I were some small child, I have decided to abscond with what little money I canĀ find.
The only regret I have for this action is the great deal of heartache it might cost my mother, whom you also maltreat. I want you to give her my word that I shall certainly fare well. Do not bother, the both of you, to search for me. I assure you that every effort to do that will prove fruitless as I have no need of further dealing with you, and am determined that it remains so. I shall, however, call my mother from time to time, as deemed convenient by me, to cheer her poor spirit up.

Yours unaffectionately,
Azike Bello

4 thoughts on “A Note” by Emmanuel Ezeagwu (@Ezeagwu)

  1. I was surprised when I saw ‘Yours unaffectionately’–seriously! is this the end? It was too short. A little more drama would have been ideal.

  2. A very nice story.

    Any issue it might have had is not in it’s length but not doing ‘enough’ to stir the readers’ imagination.

    A good story nevertheless. Well done @ezeagwu

  3. Sounds too bitter

  4. I like the fact that he was able to convey some emotion. It is NOT too bitter. It however is too short… Keep writing. Well done.

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