My View Concerning Premarital Sex in Relationship

I will have to say my mind concerning pre marital sex in relationships, I don’t care if it hurts you because the truth is a bitter pill to swallow in the world of lies.
Why must sex be the basis of relationships? I know some of you will begin to give me some lame reasons for engaging in sex when you are not yet married. As a person, I believe relationships can survive and last long when sex is not involved because sex is the fulfilment of lust when it is done outside marriage and not love. Thankfully, there are still some people who are in GODLY relationships because they have made God to be at the centre of their relationships. They have the fear of God in their hearts and are also careful not to engage themselves in some things that can expose them into sexual immorality (fornication). Don’t tell me that you are having sex with him or her because of “love” because that’s not “True Love”. True love has reverence for God’s Word and His authority.
It is quite a pity that the society is not helping the matter at all, what they tell you now is to have “safe sex”, who tells you that there is “safe sex” when God’s judgment is closer to you when you disobey His Word?? If you want to have sex why don’t you get married?? And please don’t tell me you have a relationship with God when you don’t even regard His Word concerning pre marital sex (fornication).
Are you going to tell me that I don’t understand how you feel the urge to have sex? I do too, but I don’t allow that urge to pull me away from obeying God’s Word and it is normal for you to feel that way, but when you allow that urge to make you commit sin against God, then you have no excuse for your action.
Joseph faced the same temptation you are presently facing but he knew God’s Word and never wanted to disobey Him because he had the fear of God. Listen to his words to Potiphar’s wife “How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”(Genesis 39:9b), if Joseph could do that and flee from committing the sin of pre marital sex(fornication), you also can if you allow God to be your Partner to keep yourself pure till marriage.
Don’t be discouraged by what people say or do about premarital sex because you are different and unique. The world is looking for those who will uphold the standard of the Word of God. The world is looking for those who will take their stand firmly against pre marital sex(fornication). The world is looking for someone who will boldly say “Others may but I would not” when it comes to pre marital sex(fornication). Don’t get carried away by the world’s influence but let God’s Word and the fear of God be in you. God’s grace is readily available for you. You are still single but don’t be stupid!!!
If you have been engaging in it, God is ready to forgive you and make you pure again, there is still a second chance for you, but do not postpone the day of your salvation because tomorrow maybe too late for you. May the Lord open your understanding to this solemn exhortation and warning.

8 thoughts on “My View Concerning Premarital Sex in Relationship” by The Psychologist (@Akinkuadedare19)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    While I enjoyed reading this, I must confess that you reminded me of the good feeling of confidence that comes when one has gracefully overcome a particular sin. One feels so invulnerable and holy, but unknown to that person, there are still several weaknesses lying within.
    If we were exposed to an equal level of heat, we would react differently by burning out at different times, but those who might appear resistant to that test might not be equally able to stand the test of say, cold at equal exposition. Different strokes for different folks kinnda thing.
    Let’s appreciate God’s grace upon our lives and with LOVE (with sincere Love) – not condemnation, lets convert others. I have always said that genuine SINCERITY is the only TRUE religion.
    Nice piece.

  2. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice piece. An exhortation to uphold chastity.

    What hurts most is: when an individual stays true to a relationship, no sex, which the other party agrees to, still this significant other helps himself/herself out when an urge arise…… You might like this tale: http://www.naijastorie unforgettable-on e-night-stand/

  3. The Psychologist (@Akinkuadedare19)

    @Levus, thanks so much for taking time to read this article. I’m really in support of your view and I wrote it due to my experience and my discussions and interactions with people around me.

  4. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    The words you used were in sync with the tone of the message you passed across. I laughed whenever you mentioned pre marital sex-PMS, then the added fornication as if to tell people that PMS is just a tush name they use to cover the act.
    It felt like I was hearing it from you directly- like you were saying it. I was picturing someone wagging a finger and admonishing seriously. In cases like that, I tend to laugh, so I found it funny despite the tone you used. But it was nice, thanks for the reminder.

    I really love this; Pre marital sex (Fornication). Very funny!

  5. The Psychologist (@Akinkuadedare19)

    @Vanessa, thanks so much for reading. I really appreciate your words of advice, they encouraged me.

  6. The Psychologist (@Akinkuadedare19)

    @namdi, thanks for the referral. And I can understand what you mean but it’s based on understanding and also I don’t approve cheating in relationships.

  7. The Psychologist (@Akinkuadedare19)

    @Levuz, yeah you are right and because we’ve overcome that particular temptation, doesn’t mean we have to be over-confident but we should be humble before God. Thanks so much buddy.

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