Tomorrow my life starts
Tomorrow I get to be a grown-up with everything that word entails
Tomorrow my plans come to pass
Tomorrow I step into the world and make a name for myself
Tomorrow marks the beginning of change in my life
Tomorrow I become responsible for every choice I make from then on
Because tomorrow I’ll be more steps closer to who I want to be
For that, God I’m grateful!

9 thoughts on “Tomorrow” by Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

  1. Life consists of stages &with the years passing by we get more mature. So,tomorrow is a beautiful thing to experience.@vanessa

  2. Your writeups are very good, better with the passing of each day and so I look forward to reading more from you ‘tomorrow.’
    Good job on this one.

  3. Thanks Antoine. I guess that’s the purpose of NS; to help us become better writers and dare I say, better readers. Thanks again!

  4. Nice, it read like a declaration, we need all the positive vibes that we can get in Nigeria’s current state.

  5. Yes o! Thanks Ellie.

  6. Nice one dear @vanessa‘s writings I really enjoyed the fact that the speaker was hopeful and optimistic about tomorrow but one question kept bugging me…. Why tomorrow?!

  7. When today is almost gone but you still believe in the hope of a better tomorrow, you still believe in achieving something new tomorrow.

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