Don’t ask why these toes move slowly
This beautiful feces stinks and I;
am chained here. In the middle of this conversation men calls wilderness.
There are two sides to the beat of this drum
And I dance – dance towards the Y, why?
With this left leg and left legs,
We sing – sing like the cuckoo lost in a journey to the seaside.
Our journey but will be fulfilled when these
Voiceless – Voices are heard in the heaven’s dome.

I count all, true through all but,
It ends here. The morning tune now meets the sunset
And this clip you think has no end ends here.
These tall pillars now fall helplessly,
They stumbled across the feet of their builders.
This coming – coming now is second to none.

5 thoughts on “Sunset” by Adegoke Adeola (@Coolcrown)

  1. I don’t understand. Are you referring to the coming of Christ? Help me understand, your words were not quite clear.

    1. Maybe.. It’s pointing to the end of the world

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