The Skipping Steps of Her Heart

He takes her heart

And uses his mouth to cup it in his cage.

Then he smiles and says to himself,“I’m the master planner.”

He slowly ensnares her into his trap

And says, “I’m the master.”

He makes her yearn for his touch, affection, and attention,

He smiles and says, “I got this.”


She makes him the value of her life

She pleads with him for mercy in any way she must have offended him

She never went wrong with him

She is not an infidel, always pleasing him

The more she craves and desires him, the farther he goes

Then he smiles and says, “I’ve got all these planned­ out___ she’s almost mine.”


Suddenly, he hears the sound of eggs

They start to fall down from the countertop

He turns, he starts to search___ seeeaarcchhh for her

Placing his hands to his forehead

Moving his head up and down

North and South

Then he turns left and right to see if he will find her


But she’s nowhere to be found

He looks confused and broken

Now he says to himself,“Had I known.”

What happened to his MASTERPIECE AND PLANS?

Did they fail?

I predict they have all fallen, and now vain and void

Guess you never know the value of something until it’s gone.







3 thoughts on “The Skipping Steps of Her Heart” by Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

  1. You never know what you have until its gone

  2. Beautiful write up

  3. Very nice. Thumbs up!

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