Back home and loving every moment.

I and Alex have been back home for about two weeks and his been an angel.
I was so bored and lonely, left alone in my huge room with no one to talk too, I decided to play dress up. I and Alex hasn’t been in any sexual activities as regards to what the doctor said but a little fore play won’t hurt my precious jewels. I walked towards my wardrobe which has been filled to the roof(thanks to Alex)with designer clothing, maternity dresses, you just name it and you’ll find it. I flipped through different colors of gowns, tried a couple of them on; they were either too short or too loose. I wanted something sexy, something that would make Alex’s jaw drop. I looked through my wardrobe again but this time more closely hoping to get something that suits my mood, just when I was about giving up, I found the dress I wore the first time I met Alex. Scenes of our first meeting flooded my mind, the look on Alex’s face that day gave me the sexy look I was trying to score. I forced my chubby self into the dress, it slowly enveloped my form, clinging to every curve on my body.
“Finally! The exact definition of sexy” I said as I checked out myself in the mirror. I applied very light makeup, simple jewelry, feeling very confident that my dress will grant me a little foreplay with my man and for the second time, my mind slowly drifted to what the doctor had said. Feeling a little reluctant, I heaved a sigh,”oga doctor, woman body no b firewood naw ah ah! Iron sharpenth iron and my iron don blunt” I said as I checked my self out again making sure I didn’t leave anything left to imagination.

“Honey! What are you doing and where are you? I’ve been waiting for you in the bedroom ain’t you gonna come rub my belly?” I asked as I walked down the stairs with my protruded belly. I got no reply, “maybe he has his wireless headphone on but why would he have the volume so high?” I thought out loud. By now I was standing in the open view of the living area, running my eyes through the spacious room and still not getting a sight of him I called out again,”Alex baby! Where are you?”. I was about calling the third time when I heard his soothing voice coming from the direction of the kitchen, humming to one of Elton John’s song.
I walked into the kitchen, noticed he had his head phone on as I had thought but surprised at what I saw him doing I asked in otter surprise”Alex, you cook?!”
He turned when he heard my voice,”sorry love, did you say something?”
I gave him a hug,”oh Alex! You’ve been so loving, you’ve been taking absolute care of me and your babies, you’ve been amazing.” I gave him a kiss before asking”what’s for dinner?”
Alex laughed, looking deep into my eyes he said”they are our babies Jessie, you’re all my babies, I have to be a big daddy so I can care for you all three of you.” He said. His eyes popped open, he finally noticed how beautiful I looked”did you dress up for me?” He asked. I nodded shyly acting like it was my first time.”You look yummy, I bet I could bend you over that table top”, he said as he bit his lower lip. I smiled, knowing for sure my sexiness was going to get me my heart desire”why don’t you bend me over right now” I threw myself into his arms, planted a wet kiss on his lips, he responded to my touch but withdrew saying”come on honey go back upstairs and relax, remember what the doc said. Thank you for trying to get me horny it worked and for dinner, that’s a surprise”. I stood in front of him surprised at the end result but I wasn’t one to back down”why don’t I help with that bulge, he looks like he needs more than you do” I started to kneel but Alex stopped me”Jessie why don’t you listen? There’ll always be time for sex okay you know what let’s call the doctor, he’ll be sure to tell us when we are ready for sex. Like I said earlier go back upstairs and I’ll call you when I’m done.”

Forty-five minutes later, Alex called”baby, dinner’s served!” Immediately I heard this, I ran down the stairs shouting”alright baby, I’ll be there in a second”.
The dinner table was set to perfection, the fine china was adequately arranged, the silver wear was equally arranged in such a spectacular manner. A huge bowl of jellof spaghetti garnished with potato salad and grilled chicken was waiting to be ravished, a bottle of very expensive red wine sat in a bucket of ice beside two wine glasses. Immediately prayers were made, I dug into my meal and five swallows later, I couldn’t help but voice out my satisfaction”wow honey! I couldn’t have imagined you cook this good, who did you learn from? I asked.
“I’m not that useless you know come to think to it, I’m very active in bed, I mean I gave you those lovely babies in you’re belly”, he said in a matter of fact tone.
I continued to enjoy this homemade meal while Alex helped himself with two glasses of chilled wine. He poured the third but passed it to me, not wanting to hurt his feelings I collected the glass, held it in my hands for a few minutes but dropped it beside my plate “I wouldn’t want anything spoiling my taste buds”I said.

I continued my meal, allowing my taste buds to do their thing, I was lost in a world of Alex delights. Alex dropped his fork a little too loud,”are you saying I want to poison you?” I didn’t give much meaning to what he said still lost I’m my new found world I heard a loud noise which jolted me back to planet earth. I saw the wine bottle shattered in pieces on the floor and the wine spill slowly gaining more ground. I asked immediately”honey are you hurt? What happened?”. I left the dining table, when I was bout entering tje kitchen Alex called me back.”Yeah honey? Give me a second lemme clean this mess then we can talk.” Alex grabbed my wrist, he had this evil spark in his eyes still having a tight hold on my wrist he bent, picked a shard of glass and slowly slit my wrist.

4 thoughts on “Shackled” by Zazah_Writes_Best (@ZazaIheanacho)

  1. Thanks to everyone who has been up to date with this series. I hope its been a fun read?

  2. Wait, I don’t understand this girl o. Is she an idiot? The guy is married, has kids, beats her up and she’s still with him? God punish the devil!

  3. Yeah! A lot of women are out there facing worse conditions than this…most times the man threatens to kill them or their loved ones and other times the women are too scared to leave. I want to tell the world through SHACKlED that an abusive relationship is never the best…

  4. I love the suddenness of the approach of tragedy. It jolts the reader- being firstly consumed with the embers of sweet romance- to be poked with the reality of abuse.
    Apart from few tense mistakes and wrong spellings, it is a good read.
    Keep on writing

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