secondary school love

wole and tope where classmates in secondary school, few days into school they fell in love with each other and when wole asked her out she said yes immediately because she had wanted it also.

Tope was so much in love with Wole ,she would write him love letters, call him at night and even eat herself up whenever she sees him with another girl. there was this particular day she was told Wole was seeing someone else in another class, she went quickly to the girl’s class and warned her to leave her boyfriend alone or else she was going to hurt her.

she would always look for an opportunity to go visit Wole in his home, she was insanely in love with him all because he was the most handsome boy in the class.  she and wole had a fight one day and after few days of ignoring each other she had to ask him for forgiveness. she started crying and to the amusement of Wole who wondered what was wrong with her, he patted her on her shoulders and at the end they both kissed and yes that was her first kiss.

on another occasion she visited Wole in his home and was surprised to see him romancing another girl, out of shock and disappointment she picked up an alcohol drink on the table and drank it all, then she cried out of the room.

since the very beginning of their relationship she is always seen crying, if you check her bags you would find different love notes written to wole.  she wasn’t herself, she would trek for miles just to save enough money to call Wole, even on her birthday she still called Wole.

she was always addressed as Wole’s wife,she went to the extend of writing a letter to God to help preserve her relationship with Wole. she had already pictured her future with wole in it, the number of kids they would have and how they would live as couples.

few years after graduating from secondary school Tope was on her way to walking with a friend along the road when her friend called her attention to a familiar face.  after a close look at the face she couldn’t believe that was Wole. “oshodi ewole osho…” wole continued shouting with thick voice and eyes which shows he takes drugs.  she couldnt believe her eyes, is this the same wole who kissed her back then in school,the same one she cried her eyes out for.              she immediately felt like throwing up “seconadary school love!!!!” her friend shouted which was followed by a long laughter which tope joined in “thank Godi didnt lose my virginity to him” she said

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  1. @jesustibab, Well, what would I say to this?
    It is just as it is titled; “Secondary School Love”
    You started most of the paragraphs with small letters. The work undoubtedly needs serious editing. But it came from great potential -No doubt!
    Keep writing!

  2. thank you @Levuz i would work on that

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