Save Us

Save Us

‘They say “He who fails to plan has planned to fail”‘ He scoffed
‘What of those who plan and it fails?’
‘Do they too plan to fail?’ He scoffed again
Pointing at a crowd, he said
‘Look at them, they’ve all got plans
They are just waiting for that moment,
That moment that never comes
That moment they would execute their plans’
He shook his head and said
‘Let me tell you something boy,
I have this plan that burns my heart everyday
It never leaves my thoughts
But then my pay check came in yesterday
And it stared me in the eye and said “Please save me”
Just then my plan burned me yet again
And this time it was so intense I couldn’t bear it anymore
It was practically burning my heart out
And filling my thoughts with its heat
But then I checked and found out
It wasn’t my plan
This time it was hunger
Never knew it was there till the pay check came in’
He shook his head once more,
sighed and exhaled heavily
‘I looked at the pay check’ he began
‘I stared it back in the eye and asked,
Can a hungry man save?
It didn’t respond’
‘A hungry man is the one who needs saving, from the hands of hunger’ He muttered
‘Now the pay check is gone’ he said
He sighed yet again and shook his head
‘And my business plan still burns’
He scoffed and walked away.

5 thoughts on “Save Us” by Chikaleaks (@chikathrill)

  1. Wow! I love this.
    God help us all o.

    1. Awwww I’m glad you loved it. And yes God should help us all. Thanks again.

  2. yeah it’s nice

    1. Thanks for reading. Greatly appreciated.

  3. @chikathrill, I love this poem so much.

    There are many who really believes that to fail to plan is equal to planning to fail, but indeed they forget those who plans and it still fails? Thank God I am not alone in this kind of thought.
    I love this piece.

    Well done.

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