No Place For Us?

Dear Friends, let us stop deceiving ourselves.

They say we are the future leaders, but we know that they are very insincere when they say it. When we claim it too, we know within us that we are not really sure about that. We say it either to deliberately keep ourselves in perpetual darkness or because we hope that that prophesy (prophesied commonly by false prophets) would come to fulfillment in our individual lives. And if it finally does come to past in someone’s life; he/she quickly become a false prophet too, accusing us that if we continue our endless toils, we also would be future leaders some day.

The Yorubas already concluded that ‘ati kekere lati n mo ori ade’, (meaning that we can tell who will wear the crown from very tender age). The reality today only reflects the truth in that wisdom. The real future leaders, if we would face the reality, are those biological children of the today’s leaders. Someone who is drunk with the common darkness would be very eager to raise an argument against me, but if you would relax, I’d do justice to the words you are about to voice out before you utter it.

In what areas are we going to compete with the today’s leaders children to take over in the coming world? when they have used our economy’s resources to send their own children to the best schools available in the world? The children of the ‘leaders today’ – those at the hem of affairs, and the children of the so called common man have no place for competition at all in the assumed ‘future’. They are already being armed everyday – armed to their teeths! – with the invisible devices necessary to take over tomorrow’s world!

How many children today can claim to know what Sardine is? I mean Titus, (you know, that one inside can). One boy I spoke with even doubted the possibility of fishes being canned. Jollof rice has completely grown into luxury in many houses – did I say many? Well, I would not be wrong to use ‘few’ because a substantial many citizens don’t even get to see or eat jollof rice until they go to parties. The garri that used to be the poor man’s food has now turned into gold! Our schools are competing daily to employ unqualified teachers, because the qualified ones are gradually going into extinction due to starvation. The same children who would go to school with empty bellies trek to schools filled with unqualified teachers, and this same set are the ones taking up teaching the generation after them once they leave school. Then in public gatherings, today’s leaders would address such students as; “The Future Leaders!”

As unfortunate as the situation is, the most shocking thing is that the children of today’s leaders are not affected by the ludicrous trend at all! Why you’d commonly say that ‘money is scarce everywhere’, is because you think that the world starts and ends in that your local area? Ask yourself, where did the scarce moneys go? And consider accepting my answer; “The money’s simply went into the pockets of some people.”

Such people would not utter such words as “I am broke,”. They live large everyday, and accuse our parents of not being hardworking enough. They say “only the diligent shall stand before kings and eat the good of the land,” as if they brought the resources they embezzle from heaven when they were being born. As if they were not also born naked into this resourceful world.

The concept of democracy, should have been Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. But is this a government FOR us? or A me-first government?

We are made to believe that everything is tight, but all keeps going glamorously well with them and their families. Their children and ours live in completely different worlds. They discourage us of hard work as their families lavish unearned money at social events. A man would keep in his account, an amount that can feed the whole nation, while another equal citizen would be toiling rigorously and not be able to put food in his belly?

GOD brought us all into this world naked, to show that we cannot lay claim on having greater advantage over anyone in the access to economic resources. So why should you think that your position is enough right for you to syphon? If the people would not win the struggle against such malady here on earth, remember that everyone shall die one day and the most interesting part is that we shall all die NAKED!

Then GOD shall expose you and the way you lived wastefully and shall say the same lines Abram said to that Rich Man in Luke**:**; “Remember that when you were on earth, you had all the good..”

May GOD not liberate me alone, May GOD not liberate you alone, because a rich man among ten poor men is also a poor man himself, But MAY GOD LIBERATE OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY FROM POVERTY!

3 thoughts on “No Place For Us?” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    The world should know that I may not be a politician’s daughter but my father has kept a great position for me!

  2. Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

    I could feel the anger and pain in this post.. While the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the so called government has nothing to do about it..
    Let’s believe everything will work well soon..

  3. Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

    Yes bro, that’s just the fact. We need nothing other than the intervention of God Himself to cure our country of this greed mentality. Good write.

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