Never Underestimate Yourself

Believe in yourself…
Kindly accept the fact that, no matter how you struggle and strive, I am assuring you that you can never be like the other person who is your competitor.
Never believe in competition, the sky is large enough for people to reach and shine. Even though, you are not the best in that aspect of yours where you find yourself be it your academics, business, movie industry etc. But just achieve the goals you have targetted for yourself.
When God has written your story, no one can change it. So, I urge you to forsake competition and face the reality of life and live to fulfil the promises of God in your lives.

Are you still feeling inferior to that person in your aspects, fields etc just because he/she tops you?

Take solace in the bare fact that your brains are differently and uniquely configured by the supreme to differently perform and be good in different tasks.

As for me, I can only be inferior to a person that is better than me in all what I can do in my life without remaining just a single one. In which such a man, does not exist anywhere in the world.
Dear Friend, have a retreat of mind today and get to your giant strides in which God had indeed prepare for you.
No worries.
Get yourself motivated and never underestimate yourself.

4 thoughts on “Never Underestimate Yourself” by Agbaje Ayomide (@agbajecity)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    @agbajecity, Thanks for the motivation. I really love the line;
    “…Never believe in competition, the sky is large enough for people to reach and shine…”
    Although, it is often a challenging belief.
    Well done.

  2. Thanks a lot, Levus. I am glad you were motivated by it.

  3. Nice piece, very motivational, I am really motivated by this piece

  4. Jabanz! Thanks for stopping by, bro!

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