Just Say I do

Just Say I do

Just say 'I do.'
Just say ‘I do’

I hate to see you leave but I can’t prevent you now
You used to be my smile but these days you make me frown.

We both made sweet memories and had our bitter fights
But how could you have left? Knowing I’d never be all right.

I gave you all of me, my heart, body and soul
And loved you like I’ve done no other
But you shattered all three in no particular order
Now I’m back to status-quo
a heart, body and sole.

I hope you find one who will love you like I do,
I hope I find the one who would love me like you did
I hope we both find the kind of love that we seek
Or come home and we can stay until we say ‘I do.’

One thought on “Just Say I do” by Antoine Ifeanyi (@MistaAntoine)

  1. Until we say ‘I do’. Eyah!
    Lovely and sad.

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