I Was Scared to Love

You should have read the signs
Know that I was scared
And Frail to hold on to love.
I wished you stopped to assure me again
But i’m to be blamed
‘Cause I was too hard on you
I never let you prove your love to the full
I should have knew everyone had their limits
I should have trusted you enough to give in completely.
I should have ditched my naivety
And allow love to be my teacher
I try not to regret it
‘Cause you taught me to be positve
And i’m this lovely,friendly,lively lady because you loved me.

A great feeling it was falling in love with you
I never thought I’ll fall in love that much.
Your love made my life pleasant and beautiful.
It was fun and a feeling I never wanted to end.
You were the one who made me see oasis in my desert.
You made me believe in love and in myself.
Hearing your voice elated my mood.
You gave apt attention to my every rant.
Always ready to be of help.
You brought meaning to my life and changed every rue within me.
All I could think of is you.
Words can’t describe what I felt.

But I couldn’t hold on
Would it last an aeon?
Was that love or an infatuation?
It was too dazzling and real to be true.

Why did I let you go?
And why didn’t you fight to stay?
Maybe we weren’t ment for each other?

I miss how you call my name.
I miss the assuring phrase “I love you.”
I miss you and I’ve never being able to get over you.
Sorry I broke your heart!

Hope we can still be friends?
It might seem like a foolish decision
But try to understand me.
I appreciate the love you gave
I appreciate every attention
I appreciate your care
Though it’s over
But i still love you!

3 thoughts on “I Was Scared to Love” by Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

  1. It’s beautiful and sad. The errors made it less but it didn’t affect the tone of the message. More grease to your elbow!

  2. Here I have my @Vanessa again! One day I’ll sha improve and she’ll credit me because she won’t find any errors.. 😂

  3. Lol. We are all learning!

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