Here to There

We all want to get ‘there’
Sometimes so desperately cos we’re sick and tired of ‘here.’
We start to race even though we don’t know where
And no matter the red flags, we press on cos we just don’t care.

We all can’t wait to get ‘there’
But for the time being all we have is here
We feel the burden is too much to bear
So again, we rocket into the next gear.

How long now before we get ‘there’?
The end of the road seems to be quite near
At long last we seem to be out of ‘here’
But we arrive to find ‘there’ is just another ‘here.’

There’s really no need to be ashamed of here
Neither is ‘there’ a place to veer.
Just hang in there persistent
And TIME will hear your every tear.

Ecclessiastes 3:1 – ‘There’s time for everything…’

Don’t lose sanity in trying to chase sanity.
Time will take you from here to ‘T-here.’


One thought on “Here to There” by Antoine Ifeanyi (@MistaAntoine)

  1. @Mistaantoine, I love this poem. I really love it.

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