fola(episode 10)

Fola ( episode 10)
My night was horrible, it was a nightmare, and it was the worst night ever. Getting attacked in Michael’s house (which is one of safest place anyone could ever live in) is really scary. The thought of leaving is no longer an option, it’s better for me to stay here and get attacked but still have someone to save me, than to leave on streets once more and get attacked and have no one to save me.
Right now I am in the living room, sitting on one of the long couches, with Ada still holding, my body can’t seem to stop shaking and my neck still hurts from the firm and tight grip the intruder had on me, I was given some water to drink to help with my throat cos the grip on my neck felt like my esophagus was being squeezed together ( like squeezing an orange, yes I know ,bad…but that’s the only way I can explain it, it was horrible) the whole household was with me, this means, Ada, Michael, Edgar and Michael’s younger brother Stephen were here with me . I and Stephen don’t really talk; he is a bit like Michael, quiet and reserved, always in his room or in one creepy room he always go to. I asked once what he normally does in there, but everyone seems to say I should forget about it and mind my own business, sometimes I think he does something illegal there that’s why no one wants to tell me. Anyway, if they say it’s not my business then I guess I’ll stay out of it, for now. But now the main issue is, why did this guy come into my room to attack me. I am a nobody. I have no family, no one whatsoever. But still he attacked me, tried to kill me. It’s really confusing.
Michael and Stephen tied up the intruder; he is currently sitting on the floor. Everyone is staring at him, me with fear and confusion, Ada: fear alone, Michael: anger and probably hatred, cos if looks could kill the intruder would be dead by now, with the way Michael is looking at him. Stephen….Stephen has an eerie calm around him, he looks like if the intruder was given to him to handle he would take all pleasure tormenting him and he would do it slowly. Edgar was looking himself; grim.
With these various looks apart from Ada, I am beginning to get scared of these guys. So we are all here in the living room and we are here because Michael insisted we wait for Gibson to arrive, yes he called Gibson immediately the intruder was tied up. Relaying the whole situation to him. We later found out that the window in my bedroom was opened, and I remember closing it but it looks like the intruder got in through my window. So here we are, waiting.
15 mins later, we heard a knock on the door. Edgar walked forward to open it, and Gibson, came in. and he wasn’t looking happy. He looked very angry. The first person he looked at was Ada, looking at her from her head down to her legs, making sure she was alright. Then he looked at me, Saw me holding my neck cos it still hurt and he gave me a sympathetic smile. Then he looked at Michael and asked;
‘’ so where is the idiot that had the nerve to come into this house at night’’?
Michael looked past Gibson and Gibson followed his eyes, seeing the intruder tied up close to one of the couches. He stalked towards him and used one of his legs (fitted with boots, which looked like army boots too) and gave him a hard push. The intruder fell forward hitting his face on the hard marbled floor, I heard a crunched up sound like his nose had cracked or something, wow that must hurt. Then Gibson looked at Michael and said; ‘’ should I take him to the headquarters down to the holding room?.
Michael didn’t even blink he answered immediately, saying yes. Gibson turned back towards the intruder hauled him up. And pushed him out of the house. Well I guess that’s the end of the nights event, but I wonder what happens in the holding room?. Michael then came towards me and knelt down in front of me, he removed my hands from my neck to take a look at it.
‘’How bad does it hurt’’, asked Michael.
‘’Not that bad’’. That was a lie I just didn’t want to get him worried.
He looked at Ada. ‘’Ada please give her some pain relievers for her neck’’.
‘’Yes sir’’. Ada got up and left to get the meds. Once she had gone Michael took her place, holding me he said. ‘’He is going to regret ever laying his hands on you. I promise you’’. I felt chills go down my spine, I really don’t want to be in that intruders shoes right now. Cos whatever Michael has planned for him. Won’t be good at all.

The next morning, I woke up, looking around my bedroom, I saw Michael sitting on one of the chairs close to my wardrobe. He startled me making me move a bit in my bed in an attempt to get away from him, the reason why I did that is because I wasn’t expecting him there, shoot! I wasn’t expecting anyone at all. Glaring at Michael I asked.
‘’what are you doing in my room’’?
Looking at me calmly he said,’’ Protecting you’’.
Still glaring I said, protecting me? Why would you do that? We locked the windows and every door in the house, and then I looked at my door, realizing he got in because my door wasn’t locked, shoot? Stupid me.
Michael got up from his seat and walked towards me, and then he sat down on my bed beside my legs close to my waiste, holding my hand in his, he said;
Ada ,’’ seeing on the floor last night, crying and terrified out of your mind, almost drove me to madness, you mean a lot to me, and seeing you that way almost made me kill the bastard that tried killing you. But I didn’t. So please if I want to sit in your room and watch over you, or sit outside your door and watch over you, let me do it. Ok’’?
Wow. Got shut me up real good. I had nothing to say, so I just nodded my head.
Michael smiled at me; and said, ‘good, now I want you to go into the bathroom and get clean, then come downstairs and have breakfast with me. Ok?
I nodded my head again staring at him, still speechless.
He got up, kissed my forehead, and walked out of my room. I stayed on the bed for a few minutes, then getting up like a zombie I walked to the bathroom and got cleaned up.

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