The Purpose of a thing is in the reason for its Creation; the most tragic thing in life is for a man not to discover his purpose, the reason why he was created.

When Purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Plutonium as an element has a potential; Good and Bad, it could either be used for Powering up a whole city or used as a bomb byPhotoGrid_1466341202005 suicide bombers.

When you don’t know your purpose life will frustrate you. What purpose are you created for? Have you discovered your purpose?

Purpose will build self esteem in you, it will remove inferiority complex, it will give you stability and remove sojourning from your life, purpose will give you direction in life, knowing the reason you were created will give you self confidence, when you know Gods reason for your creation it’ll fill out that void and emptiness in your life, No matter what you are facing always know God created you wonderfully in his own image, you don’t need anybody’s second opinion for that, no matter how slow things are going for you remember good things take time, A Toyota car is manufactured in about 13 hours but it takes about 6 months to make a Rolls Royce, remember that you are that rolls Royce, God created you specially, in his own image for his glory, don’t let anyone limit you to what you can become cause you are children of God and you are destined for greatness, don’t let anyone put boundaries on how great you can become, don’t let circumstance or troubles confine you to one place.

Finally Ephesians 5;15 & 16 “So be careful how you live, not as fools but as those who are wise, make most of every opportunity for doing good in these evil days”.




2 thoughts on “Created” by Toluwani (@ToluwaniMuyiwa)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    @toluwanimuyiwa, Great motivation.

    May God reveal to us, the purpose for which he created us. It’s always good.

  2. Toluwani (@ToluwaniMuyiwa)

    @levuz A big amen to that

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