And Another Love Story (2)

“Sir, I am really sorry to hear about this,” Doctor Festus spoke sincerely with his trademark baritone, “I’d advise you get across to the police department immediately. However, please it is very important to tell your wife not to partake in any form ofdouching, at least not for now.”

The phone was on speaker, Oye’s eyes travelled to his wife and vice versa, in obvious confusion. It was obvious that the sobbing wife too didn’t know what the word meant.

“Sorry, we don’t know what ‘douching’ is.”

“Sorry sir. It only implies that she should make no attempts to take a bath or wash off.”

Oye scoffed angrily, “I would have assumed that you would be advising us otherwise. She has taken a bath already, and that was even based on my recommendation, but why would you suggest that strange action?”

“Uhm, sir. Well, it is just for litigation, credible evidences could be gotten easily from that. But since that has been done, I believe the police should -”

“We are not filing any lawsuit.” Oye said coldly, before looking at his wife for approval, as he said his next words, she nodded agreeably. “We don’t want any more trouble concerning the case. What I believe that we need now is just medical cleansing to avoid any negative transition.”

The Doctor sighed with deep understanding, he had been sleeping peacefully with his own wife when their call came in, and he had therefore been totally ignorant of the scenario the victims were talking about.

“No problem sir, I shall be in your house first thing in the morning.” He asserted before the end of the call.

As promised, the doctor was in the couple’s house in the morning. He encouraged them further about the advantages of police involvement but they had made up their minds on the matter. He later requested that the wife would see him later at the hospital for tests and more prescriptions.

It was around half past two in the afternoon before she came into his office at the hospital. No one would believe that this was the same woman who had been purportedly raped in the night, she was elegantly dressed and calm as she was ushered into his office without delay. Festus asked her a few questions and gave her the prescriptions and directions as regards the wards to go.

Tinu’s eyes lightened as she read the prescriptions.

“The tests would bring to our notice any form of STDs or Pregnancy.”

“Pregnancy?!” She yelled, “Doctor, are you saying that there is a chance?”

“Madam, there is nothing unpredictable here. It was penile sex anyway, and you said he didn’t withdraw. We can’t overlook any possibility.”

Tinu shifted in her chair unsteadily. If there was any chance that she could be pregnant, then there was… there was indeed something that must be feared.

“Doctor. You don’t get my point here, this beast had a very tiny penis, and I find it very hard to believe that I can become pregnant for him.”

The doctor laughed uncontrollably, “I’m very sorry madam. I could not control that laughter. I am very sorry, but the deal is that every penis – no matter how small – is strong enough to send semen into the cervix and therefore into the woman reproductive organs, especially in the case where the man does not withdraw. The size does not matter.”

Strange feelings began to well up inside Tinu, “Please doctor, this is to be absolutely kept top secret.”


“What if…, I mean, you know how things has been between me and Oye in the past five years of our marriage, and it has been a burden especially for me, because I see the sadness in his eyes every day. What if… Doctor, I believe you understand what I have analysed…”

“Relax madam. I am completely understanding you. Please take your time to explain.”

“What if I was pregnant? I mean for the demon.”

“You mean if you have – as we speak – gotten pregnant for the rapist?”

“Yes Doctor.”

“Well, medically, we are to flush everything out before it even forms at all, so that means that we terminate such chance.”

Tinu shook her head pitifully. “That means you would be flushing out the possibility of me getting a baby now – my baby!”

“Uhu, yes ma, a baby from a rapist.”

Tinu stood from the chair she had been unsteadily sitting on, “What if I don’t want it flushed out.”

The doctor’s mouth went aghast in utter surprise.

“Well,” she continued, “it is not even certain that I am pregnant yet, but even if I am, I am not sure that I want it terminated.”

“But madam, if you are – or will become – pregnant now, it only shows that you are still fertile, and that implies that your husband’s chances too is still predictably high.”

“Five years Doctor!” Tears accumulated quickly in her eyes, and a strand rolled down from the corner of her left eye, “Before we married, I aborted thrice for Oye, and since the inception of our marriage, I have not for one single month missed my period. If I will become pregnant now for the rapist – as you may like to call him – then I believe that it is God’s design, and I don’t want to alter it.” Still leaving the doctor in utter amazement, she walked towards the door.

“Please promise me just one more thing Doctor.” There was only a silent response from the medical practitioner, “That my husband will not get to know that I did not carry out any test.”

The doctor nodded positively and watched her leave his office quietly.

In few minutes, Festus’ relieve came from the fact that the matter was a family matter and none of his business. His next patient was soon ushered in.

To be continued…


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