And Another Love Story (1)

No sooner had the short man mounted her that he gave a loud roar and collapsed with a heavy thud right beside her. He panted like a deer that had just fled the hunter, a triumphant smile crossing his face as he ran his fingers all over her face. There was no need for telling that he had just had the greatest pleasure of his life at the detriment of changing the entire world of his victim. The moment had been all pleasurable for him, though short. On the contrary, Tinu had just welcomed the most disgusting moment of her life, she couldn’t have felt any pleasure from the series of horrible pressure. The man who had just raped her had the tinniest willy she had ever taken, and that alone was not responsible for her disgust but the force that he had employed in ensuring that he got the satisfaction. Small as his manhood was, his urge had quickly disappeared as he entered into her warm pot, it took only a matter of seconds before he spilled his seeds completely into her, shuddering like he was convulsing and moaning so loudly that Tinu felt for a moment that the police would hear and intervene.

Tinu’s disgust was incomparable to that of her husband who had been standing in the same room and had been forced to take in the whole activity. He had been initially violent in his bid to protect his wife, but with the heavy arms of the criminals, his violence could only be short lived. As a lesson, he had been forced to provide artificial aeration by carrying the standing fan directed at the coupling duo while the short devil defiled his matrimonial bed.

Kamal and his gang had visited the couples home that night in the hope of getting some cash from the assumed rich business man, but his deceit had angered them. He claimed not to have any cash in the house until he saw the .44mm that Slender carried.

“Bros. This is no joke o” Slender had threatened, paralysing the courage that had been put up by the brave husband. He opened his cupboard and offered them the briefcase that had all the money.

“Idiot!” Karmal sniffed, “So, if you no see English, you no go do normal?” Observing the beautiful wife, he decided to teach him a lesson and that had been the event that had now brought them to the current eyesore state.

In that same room where three other men stood heavily armed, Karmal zipped his trousers, instructed Oke to lead the way, and himself and his gang members headed out of the house with the brief case following the husband’s trails, and leaving the housewife in absolute bewilderment.

Tinu’s mind was filled with all kinds of hateful feeling, led by HATE. Hatred that could itself come out of her, run after and stab the man who had raped her repeatedly in the jugular, until his body was dead, and until his dead body even pleaded for more deaths. She sobbed her entire life that night, her husband’s plead for courage only worsened the matter. The both cried heavily.

The five years marriage which had led to a fruitless state had been a dilemma to them both initially, and with the recent outcome of event, their life had become a complete misery. She sobbed for hours that it took a deliberate effort from her husband to lead her to the bathroom for thorough bath to clean off whatever the man had deposited into her.

Since they both knew that medicated bath alone was not going to clean her body entirely, Oke called their doctor who would arrive in the morning to give recommendation as regards total cleansing medically. But as the man acted his role in comforting his poor wife with teary face, he himself was ignorant of the fact that the anchor that has now gripped their marriage would completely change the navigation of their life’s plan.


To be continued…

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  1. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    @levuz, Wow! that’s all I can say for now. Nice word structure.

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      @ada123 Thanks for reading.
      Next Part unfolding soon.

  2. Hmmmm, I wonder what the continuation would be like, nice one!

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    So sad! Awaiting the next part. Well done!

  4. Great story line @levuz this is good

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    lol, good how you didn’t make it too sexual, nicely put

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)

      You’ll like the next part, Bet!

      @dominique, Thanks a lot for reading. More unfolding.

      So sad…or maybe not, Lets see what happens in the next part.



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