29th August, 2014 Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. The heat of the day couldn’t faze him, neither could the anticipation of attacks by extremists- which were common on these northern roads nor even death. Uyo was on Eneh’s mind. From Uyo- after he had spent few days with family and discussed the recent happenings concerning Toby, he … Continue reading THE MADMAN’S RECOMPENSE (Part Three)

Greenland Estate Nigeria

*GREENLANDESTATESNIGERIA* EPISODE ONE A NEW BEGINNING It’s a cold evening at the Greenland Residence, Galadima Abuja. Every student that attends the Abubakar University, Abuja is getting ready for the epic party of a new semester. At the Adebayo residence, Estate no.8, Femi the 19 year old son of The Governor of CBN Dr Timi Adebayo … Continue reading Greenland Estate Nigeria