The Woman Who Is Her Own Man (2)


“Don’t tell me you invited this guy.” I said, as I walked into Tade’s giant sitting room.

“Please don’t start; you haven’t seen each other on two years.” Tade answered.

“You should have told me you were inviting Mr Arrogant.” I continued stubbornly, facing Dare, the object of my anger.

“Look, you better sit or leave, but I’m not leaving on your account.” Dare, said with a sly smile.I hissed and turned to Tade, where is Titi and the children.

“Kids are in the garden, Titi is in the kitchen.” Tade answered. I hissed again, dropped my purse on the sofa and made my way to the kitchen.

I know you are probably wondering who Dare is. I forgot to mention him earlier… I did not really forget, but, I consider him unimportant.

Anyways, Oluwadamilare Olaitan (I guess you are familiar with that name) is Tade’s best friend. Technically, he should be my best friend too. But, we ruined that friendship when we dated years ago. Yes, he is my ex-boyfriend. You know, your first boyfriend, the one you thought was ‘the one.’

Dare and I were exclusive back then in secondary school, until life started happening. We both wanted different things. Now, he’s the actor and I’m the lawyer.
“Darling,” I said, as I entered the kitchen.
“Heeey baaaby” Titi answered me with a smile and we hugged each other.
“I’m a little pissed.” I said when we released each other. “You could have called to tell me Mr Arrogant was here.”
Titi laughed, “I didn’t know you would be bothered, I’m sorry.” She answered, still laughing.
I tried as much as possible to enjoy dinner, but I couldn’t take my eyes of Dare’s daughter. I wondered how someone so adorable could come from a guy like him.
“So, have you finally found someone to deal with your mess?” Dare asked.
“What’s it to you?” I asked, my eyes flashed anger.
“Guys, please we have children at the table.” Tade warned.
“It’s okay dad, it’s not the first time.” Tade’s ten year old son said, grinning. And I rolled my eyes.
“Well, if you must know, I’m going on a date tomorrow night.”
“You are?” Both Tade and Titi asked, looking surprised. They both sounded like excited children. “Why didn’t you tell us?” Tade asked, he didn’t even try to hide his excitement.
“I pity the guy, but I hope you can keep this one.” Dare taunted.
I dropped my fork angrily “you act as if your life is perfect, oh so because you are popular you think….”
“Tomi!” Tade warned.
“No, let her finish” Dare said, gripping his fork in annoyance.
But luckily, I was saved by the sound of Dare’s phone.
“Baby, we have to go” he said, when he ended the call.
Faridah, Dare’s adorable five year old daughter got up, said goodbye and followed her father out.
“You went too far, this time” Tade said and his wife nodded in agreement.

“When he was saying his own, you did not say anything. Why do you always support him?”

“Tomi, this is not a matter of support, his child was right here. You guys need to sort out your issues. Congratulations, you have successfully ruined dinner.” Tade answered angrily.

I had to admit that Tade made feel a little guilty about what happened during dinner, but being the person I am, I put it behind me. I’ll just have to apologise to Tade and probably Dare later. Let me tell you something more interesting….

I’m pretty sure you are curious about the date I mentioned earlier. One day, I was sitting gently in my office, minding my own business and expecting my next client, when this ‘perfection’ walked in with his father.

After a while of forming ‘miss professional’ I finally agreed to go a date with him. Apart from being tall and handsome, he was also a perfect gentleman. We had dinner at a very expensive restaurant, emphasis on the ‘expensive.’ We never for once talked about my job or how rich I am. We talked about a lot of random things, from movies, to books, to singers and so on. If there was any flaw, it was that William told terrible jokes.

William dropped me off at home, with a light kiss on the cheek and left. I invited him in, but he declined. if that’s not a good quality, I wonder what is. He was just what I was looking for. I know you must be thinking that I need to slow down. But, please at my age slowing down is the last thing I need, I don’t want my own children to call me grandma. So, I am going to give all it takes to make it work with William. So Dare and the rest of them should be prepared to eat their words.

I smiled to myself, it was a beautiful date. I was just about to step into the shower when the doorbell rang. I smiled again, maybe William changed his mind. And I didn’t mind at all. I put on my bathrobe and headed towards the door.
But, to my utmost surprise and disappointment, Dare was stood at my door.

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  1. Hmmmm! @ Dare. Good one I must confess. More more more.

  2. Can’t wait for the next part but I have to admit, the last sentence in your story brought me back to reality. All in all, it’s a nice story, I enjoyed being lost in it.

    1. Lmao… that was a very big error. I’m so sorry @vanessa
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