My True Love (3)

It’s been six days now and I haven’t heard from him. I tell myself it’s better this way, afterall I want nothing to do with him, he’s military anyway.

But c’mon, I thought he’ld put in an effort to reach out to me. I thought wrong.

As the days passed, I learned he’s the last born of his family and has spent most of his life in the States, even schooled there before coming back home to join the Nigerian army.
It annoys me that I lapped up any information I could get on him when I’m sure he didn’t even spare me a thought. If he had, wouldn’t he have called me by now? Though I didn’t give him my number. He didn’t even ask for it.


We are through with today’s choir practise and I head home in the black Babyboy car my parents got for me on my graduation day.
I tell myself not to think of golden brown eyes when I prepare myself to sleep. I grab a novel, plug in my earpiece and drown my thoughts in music and inverted reality. It works and soon I fall asleep.


It’s sunday and while my people are still in bed, I freshen up and prepare something to eat. By the time I’m done eating my mum has already made her way to the kitchen.
“Good morning!”
“Good morning my dear-” Before she can ask me for a favour, I carry my plate to the sink, kiss her on her cheek and dash out of the house. I can still hear her laughing as I reach the driveway.
It’s what we do on sundays. If she ambush me before I leave, I end up doing something for her, if she doesn’t, I’m free from her ‘favours’.

Starting the car, I smile because it’s nice to hear her laugh.

Throughout the service, I force myself to look away from the military men seated at the second row, in the second column and though I know he’s not there, I still find myself looking in that direction.
“Rebecca’s brother didn’t come today.” Someone whispered in my ear.
“Huh?” I turn away from that direction to look at the whisperer, embarrassed that someone had caught me. It was my friend Chioma.

“You said?” I ask, feigning deaf.
“Rebecca’s brother, Jase, is not around. Only few of the army guys showed up today.” She points out.

“Right. Not that I noticed…..or care.” I say with a straight face.
She smiles. “Of course you didn’t. That’s why you’ve been watching the entrance and that direction.” I look away, not refuting her observation.
“I saw you two the sunday he came. Serious sparks aflying-”
“Shh! Sister Chioma, preaching is going on!” Someone admonished. Chioma winks at me and whispers ‘sorry’ to the person. It only made me more embarrassed.

Immediately the service was over, I made my escape to a side in the church where no one hangs. It has a balcony and from there I look out and release a breath.
This is where I’ll stay till it’s time for choir meeting.
I sit on a bench, plug in my earpiece and remove myself from the things around me. I’m lost in thoughts and in the music, I don’t move the hair the breeze keep pushing to my face, I’m just lost.
I open my eyes as the song ends and right in front of me, like magic, is Jase.

He isn’t dressed in his uniform but casual jean and shirt. His fingers lightly brush my face.
Startled, I lean back, “What are you doing?” This is someone I’ve been looking for and all of a sudden he’s here?

His eyes that always seem to drown me appeared angry.
“You have a beautiful voice. God! It’s a sin to possess voice like that, all soft and….” He sounds accusatory, his eyes watching me. Then he rises and moves away, giving me space. I didn’t know I was holding my breath until he moved away.
I stood and watched him as he paced, his hands in his pockets. What is wrong with me? What is it about him that makes me want to swallow my tongue? Disgusted at my thoughts, I look away and watch the scenery in front of me.

“I told myself to stay away from you. Use this week to find out if I’m attracted to you because you’re the first girl to literally run away from me or because I’m just bored and looking for action” He sounds angry. His eyes fire at me as if daring me to put him in his place- below slime. I say nothing, only look away and wonder what he’s up to and how to get back at him.

“But no more….” I tense up. He’s right behind me. How did he move so fast without me hearing anything?
“You make me crazy, I don’t know what you’re thinking or why you even dislike me or maybe you don’t and that’s your way of….reacting.” His hand is on my neck, moving my hair away but I don’t dare look at him. My system is running haywire.
“I’m coming for you, so you better be ready. I get what I want and I want you?”

“Isn’t that arrogant of you? Do I look like a toy or something you can acquire?” Anger made me forget and I whirled around to cut him down to size.
His hands held me in place while his body caged me. My words died and my body trembled as his fingers went to my lips while his eyes stayed on mine.
“Yes….” He said with a smile, no longer angry and his voice dropped so its husky sound buzzed in my ears and made me shiver, “I will get you.”

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  1. *I get what I want and I want you.*
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    1. you are welcome Vani

  2. Really can’t stop smiling…@Vanessa,tell me love is in air…Lol…intriguing….

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