The tall dark browed doctor stepped out of the room with his brows looking even darker in disgust.

Only my five year old Mide remained in the room fiddling with my phone. Friends and family had finally stopped coming two beatings ago.

Mide my little hero and saviour, who could not take it anymore had finally thrown herself at the marauding beast also known as her father and saved me for another day.

I had seen the signs even back then before our ‘I do’s’, that I couldn’t deny. But I honestly believed that he would change with the love I would show him.  I was like one of those anti-hero’s in Achebe’s novels, the ones whom the proverbial gods wanted to destroy but first had to turn mad.

The nurse walked out almost on tip- toes the look on her face eerily familiar. I couldn’t place it initially then I realised where I had seen it before

Ahh! Yes! It came to me now.

Two months before our wedding, Tari’s ex, had felt the need to come to my aunt’s place to warn me.

I didn’t give her the time of day, I promptly walked her out of the house on a trail of insults. She barely spoke, shocked at the venom in my attack but all I remember was the look on her face, it was the same look I had seen on the nurse; bemusement mixed with pity

His charm and handsome chiselled looks could unlock any heart in the world, the way he spoke to me and held me like I was the last and most important thing in the world.

I was trapped, I couldn’t let go for any reason or for anybody.

Those days are long gone now, the last happy moment we shared was when I gave birth to Mide. She is the only light in my life now, and I can’t afford to burn it out.

I prefer that she is brought up in a loving home with two loving parents, but my fear is that if I continue in this, she will have no parent to raise her.

I will pick up my cross and bear my burden, I will leave and take Mide along with me and I will raise her to be better than me. I will leave this place and this hell called my marriage tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow” by chimanu2000 (@chimanu2000)

  1. Tomorrow??? Why not today?!!

    1. thanks Ufuoma, i’m taking literary license on this lol. as obvious as it seems, its a challenge for most women to walk out of a marriage, especially one with children. Tomorrow is based on that belief. But your thought is valid

  2. hmmm couldnt find “marauding” as an adjective in the dictionary….incase anyone is looking to use the word like me. Please its either ‘maraud or marauder’ and can only be used as a “verb”.

    With that said, the story was beautiful and sad at the same time….and it’s true..most women dance around the thought of leaving their marriages because well, our society and most religions frown on divorce….

    It’s really sad.

    1. Hello Kaycee, i did find marauding in both Cambridge and Macmillan dictionaries as an adjectival form. I would appreciate if you can email me at, with details on your view point. its refreshing that you were looking both at grammatical use and the story. Thanks for the feedback

  3. I love everything about your story. It’s so neat and easy to read.
    I love the fact that she decided to leave for a better life for her and her child when some victims would decide to stay for the children. The sad thing is, that decision to stay doesn’t help anyone. Not the child and definitely not the adult victim. More grease to your elbow!

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