Episode four: Shades

Now facing severe additional charge of murder with intent, Mary was brought back to the court for retrial. The state was hell bent on prosecuting her to the fullest. ‘This is how serial murderers are created’, said the prosecutor, when he granted the press an interview before the court session began. The jury shared the same believe as the prosecutor, on how the session was going to end, stating in the interview without mincing words that people like this young lady needed to be stopped before they become a worldwide menace.

As the proceedings went on, it was obvious Mary was going to be convicted, as all favours found in certain high court officials at the first trial, had been lost to the wind in this one, as all they could see in her now, was a monster about to fully hatch. Even her defense attorney had lost faith in her, and was only still defending her because Aunt Susan was footing the expensive defense bills for the sake of her mother.

Mary’s thought, if her lawyer couldn’t have faith enough to help her out, she’s doomed already. With this in mind, she momentarily wandered alone, away from her lawyer, along the hallway of the court during the five minutes recess. A young man approached her, he claimed to be a lawyer, and a very good one at that, and that he had a way to help her out of this predicament without worry. Though she didn’t believe him, she was inclined to listen to him, after all, what choice did she have.

With so many promising speeches from the young lawyer whom she got to know as Mitch, Mary called for a change of attorney, when the judge returned to seat. Her request was granted, in agreement of both the judge and the prosecution, with the thought of granting her a last wish. Everyone has come to a conclusion on how the case was going to end – the judge, the jury, and the state. The verdict had already been reached, all these are just formalities before the official close to the case was pronounced, but were they wrong. Their confusion knew no bound when Mitch, the young attorney from no where took the stand, and began to change the tide of the proceeding.
In a twinkle of an eye, Mitch brought up evidences in support of Mary’s pardon that the court couldn’t turn a blind eye from. With suckling, the court offered Mary pardon on bail, which Mitch rejected on her behalf, and when brought aside to a one on one discuss with the judge and the prosecutor, he made known to them a very important information he left out of the case which was to the detriment of the court and the state, as they were supposedly in bed together.

The judge declared Mary pardoned, and acquainted, to the shock of everyone present in court, members of the jury, Mary’s former lawyer, and even Mary herself.

As Mary was taken away to be checked out, Mitch pulls her aside for a moment. Whispering to her ear, to tell her something. ‘I work for an organization that finds the work of your hands intriguingly creative, and we will like to explore your talents’.

Mary looks up to him, and smiles.

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