Paying The Price: Mrs Alex

Before Mrs Alex married Mr Alex, her father told her he saw potential in Mr Alex. Potential alright! He’d made it, hit it big and had misbehaved at the end. Which only proved what she thought of Mr Alex; a man who lacked character, and character went a long way in preserving potential.

It hurt. She hadn’t known that he would be able to hurt her but after spending more than 20years with a person, you were bound to be affected by their actions. He’d cheated on her, not with a high class woman but a woman still on the edge of girlhood. Someone he’d picked from the roadside. She’d known even before she saw the text messages, even before he’d returned home. Hadn’t she seen it in her dreams. She believed there were women whose destinies were great, you could cheat on some and nothing would happen but when you cheat on a woman with a great destiny- who has also been a helper to you, something was bound to happen. Now he was paying for his sins. After more than 20years together, toiling and asking God to favour them, a little blessing and he’d thrown it all away for the pleasure between the legs of a woman not his wife.
Even though she didn’t love him, Mrs Alex had hurt. But she’d made sure the foolish man didn’t know that he’d broken her security, her family.

Now they were poor and she had to admit that she was also at fault. While her husband had squandered money, spending it on people that had suddenly crawled out of their holes, claiming family, she’d never pressured him to invest for their children, in their future. If she’d known that the money would vanish as quickly as it had appeared she would have saved her money and would have never retired.

Greed was a bad thing.

At her late thirties she’d retired and had decided to enjoy the fruits of all her hardwork. She’d gone places, lived the life of a high society wife and ended up disappointing her children. They were all that mattered now and it pained her to know that it had taken lack of money to make her realise she should have put them first. Her older son had tried to commit suicide which made them spend the little money that would have been used for feeding, in the hospital, fighting to save his life. Her older daughter had moved out, wanting nothing to do with her parents. It was good that she’d been able to secure her NYSC appointment.
Indeed, her and her husband were a disappointment.

Mr Alex didn’t even buy a land in his name, if not their names. Instead they’d spent money beautifying another man’s house. Those beauties were gone or rather, sold now and their landlord would be coming soon to ask for the year’s rent. It pained her that the foolish man had built and refurbished houses for his external family and because she hadn’t stopped him or rather, he’d refused to listen to her advice, her children were now suffering. Where were those relatives now? All gone, back to their holes.
She couldn’t even meet with her high society friends. Just like she’d spoken about and pitied other women whose husbands cheated on them, they’ld do the same to her behind her back even as they offered to help, especially as her case also came with loss of money. But God! She’d never imagined she would be one of those women whose husbands would cheat.
Since she couldn’t go to man, she would go to God. In Him would she find the solution.

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