My Crush

My Crush

Henry had being a good friend to me since the day he moved into the apartment next to mine.
We had so much in common especially our Christian faith. I soon got him to attend my Church and he became a full member. In no time, he also became a chorister and you just have to hear him sing.

Henry is a tall, handsome and a bit fair guy and to top it all, he is rich(I assume so because he has a car and works in a bank).
My First visit to his apartment wowed me! You can hardly find a guy that neat or maybe he had tidied up the place to make believe, but I could feel it wasn’t a pretense. Everything about him says it all!

All this while I had had a crush on him. He was my kind of guy, but I was skeptical about our friendship.
“What if we are really JUST FRIENDS and he has a girlfriend or even a wife where he is coming from?” I thought to myself and tried to see our relationship as Just Friends!

The way we relate and how the friendship grew was a big surprise.. Within two months, we became free to go into each others apartment without any fore notice. We were so free with each other.
We both saw movies together and ate together in the same plate.

Finally I got what I’d been looking forward to all these while.

“Babe, there will be two days public holiday next week. I don’t know how you’ll feel or if you will be free, can we go for a date? Me and you away for a day?” he asked with his most charming smile.

“That will be nice dear! That is, if your girlfriend wont get offended with that.” I retorted feeling relieved I was able to mention his “girlfriend”.

He walked up to me, held my hands and said “I don’t have a girlfriend. We broke up six months ago and I’ve decided to remain single till I met you”.

“I’m sorry about your break up!
But I’ll prefer we remain friends for now”. I said trying to hide my feelings.

“As you please my lady! I’m not in a hurry! So, we are going away?” he said with a questioning look.

We soon got to one of the exquisite Hotel in town.
That was my first time in such a unique, beautiful and well structured building.

I tried to form the “tush” babe, but I couldn’t hide my locality and excitement for long.

We had a special spa treatment and after that we sat by the pool talking, laughing and watching other couples play in the pool.
We then went to our hotel rooms.

He had already booked two rooms for privacy and this made me respect him the more.
“So there is a guy who can take you out to such a lovely place and not want something in return”. I thought to myself and I couldn’t deny the fact that I’m in love with him.

We sat and talked in my hotel room for a while and he excused himself for me to change, because he wanted me to wear something nice to dinner.
I stirred at him till he closed the door and I sat on my big bed wondering what Henry is up to with his ‘holy and different’ approach.

I went to his room to tell him I’m set and he looked more handsome to me in his outfit. I almost felt intimidated by my looks. I felt I couldn’t walk beside him as his partner..

“Henry, you look more handsome tonight” I said trying to hide my intimidation.

“Thank you babe! And I must confess, I haven’t seen you this pretty before!” He said in his ever charming smile.

I felt relieved!
At least I’m not that bad. I kept trying to console myself.

After dinner, we both relaxed on my bed swirling from one topic to the other and we had a pillow fight after a little argument about politics.

“I’m going to my room babe” Henry said has he picked up his suit from the arm of the chair next to the bed where he had spread it.

“Alright dear! It was a lovely day out with you and thank you Henry for everything” I said as I walked him to the door.

He stirred back at me, cupping my cheek in his hand and said “you don’t have to thank me Fikayomi, I didn’t do anything! I’ll be here first thing tomorrow morning. You know we have to go back home in time to prepare for work the day after?”

I answered with a nod and made to return to the room when he pulled me back and kissed me on my forehead. “I love you babe! Have a sweet night”. He said as he closed the door.

I wanted to scream and jump, but I felt he might still be at the door.

I kept smiling and dancing to rhythms in my head as I undressed and took my bath.
I rehearsed all that had happened during the day and some things I felt I should have done better if given another chance. I soon slept off with my thoughts.

A kiss on my forehead and good morning from the voice I couldn’t do a day without woke me up the next day.

“I don’t need to ask if you slept well, I can sense that already” he said as he made to sit down beside me on the bed.

But something happened, he quickly stood up as soon as his hands touched the bed.
I already felt a wet sensation on my pants and I know it wasn’t my monthly fountain.
I had said all the prayers to avert him from finding out, but he was the one who woke me up and I only got to know when I tried to sit up in bed. My prayers were not answered!

His hands felt my biggest fears already and there was a mixture of surprise and confusion on his face.

“Fikayo, don’t tell me you still bed wet or what is this on your bed? It can’t be the heat ’cause this place air conditioner never goes off except you turn it off and it is on! You never told me you still wet your bed, you just disgraced me babe”. He said with a look I’ve never seen on his face before.

“Henry please, I don’t know how….. I can’t explain… I don’t bed weeeeet!” I tried to explain the strange incident in a stammering voice.

“Just get up, clean yourself and pack your stuffs. We must leave here before any room service finds out about your… Your… Your… Whatever!” He was more furious as he struggled to let out those words.

“Meet me in my room when you’re ready and please for the love of what’s Holy, make it snappy!” he said as he left the room in a rush of emotions I can’t explain..

I went to the bathroom and cried as I showered and as I was dressing up, I felt someone tapping and calling my name to wake up.

“Fikayo, you have been crying for some minutes in your sleep, hope all is well?” My big sister asked feeling concerned.

“Don’t worry sis, all is well! Just that I feel like my bladder is about to burst!” I managed to reply as I quickly rushed to the toilet.

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  1. Wow, that would have been embarrassing if she really did.@fikayomi

  2. OMG Fikayomi!!!!
    You blew me away abeg trust me I didn’t see that twist coming…lovely work keep writing

  3. Pls dnt drive me in you car again o! You drove me pass my bus stop and I lost my way. Hahaha. Thank God I finally find my way home. This piece is a bomb. I love it. More power to you.

  4. Nice! Nice! Nice!! Well done!

  5. Thank you All for your comments!

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