Buhari Son of Mohammed

In my country, miracles do happen
And our politicians as pastors do,
Lay hands on the economy and her citizens
And at once, lives don’t remain the same
I have read dollars walked out of the banking hall
Nobody knew where they all went
None could predict the path they took
Not even the cashier busy with pens and papers
Not even the accountants balancing the sheets on PCs
No police to trace their steps, no forensic expert to predict their
This is one big miracle, only in one nation on earth.

Things happen and I am not disturbed
Now that change is here, we hope things changes
Too much to settle, with balance not better on deficit
PDP wears the blame; APC does not make much of a difference
One became the arm of thieves, the other a den of liars
(PDP wears the demon; APC is the serpentine devil in black
The devil is marveled at the two as the country battles in-between
The defeated are defecting, some feared changed is now ceased to
be released
I have seen trillion naira gently sneaked out through the borders of
No officer could detect the box piled with new notes
Not even the dogs can sniff the sweat of millions robbed at day
This is one big miracle, only in one nation on earth

The politicians wear caftans while the economy knots a choking
The people’s hope lost and dare not be found in the hands of
The masses bleed, I mean the poor ones
Whose hard work is not enough to pay the daily bills
Confused, rejected and thrown into the starless night
Hope is wandering on the street and busy roads
Talents wandering and wasted in busy hawks of wares with thirsty
But we can fetch enough to drinks for them on tarred roads
Yes, because the government is kind enough to make more
This is one big miracle, only in one nation on earth
Only in one nation on earth, one big miracle after another
Unemployment rises like a giant beast,
Disaster above stated limits
Some say the nation is cursed, other say the people are dumb
Even as hope is lost in the palace of kings and queens
The lion does not eat grass for want of food
While faith has worn out amongst queens and princess
The eagle does not nest her young in waters for want of space
But who will save us in this time of despair?
Through the darks of the northern soil
Where dust and doom is mixed like coil
Hope has sailed to bring us a son
In the hours of the day
When the nation wears the coat of black
Where the stars have refused to shine
Buhari Son of Mohammed
Who do you say I am?

(to be continued…)

One thought on “Buhari Son of Mohammed” by lawore olufemi (@laworemike)

  1. “PDP wears the demon; APC is the serpentine devil in black
    Agbada.”This part made me laugh vigorously. Nice one @laworemike

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