I’ll be right back shortly after this,
I’ll be right back just give me five minutes…
Oh cut me some slack, I’m simply trying to find my knack.
But one hour flies by and you still haven’t done jack!

I made a resolution which ignited the revolution that changed my situation of habitual indecision and inconclusiveness.
My decision was based on a conviction that distinction comes only from dedication, determination and decisiveness.
This generation suffers from the plague of procrastination which leaves us in a state of observation, refusal to take action while assuming it’s “necessary precaution.”
And I’m not saying it’s wrong to be careful, but sometimes aren’t we just being lazy or fearful?
Ecclesiastes 11:4 – He that observeth the winds shall not sow and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap…
So take the risk but at the same time “do not be in a hurry,” understand that failure does not require anyone to be sorry so why worry? The future is blurry enough so go ahead and make that shot like Steph Curry.

Only the strong-willed survive to live, while the others leave to survive. Start now and the only thing that prevents you from reaching your destination is the weight of your drive. If you strive to thrive then you will because the only thing that stands in your way is your will.

Now when next you’re gifted an opportunity and there’s all kinds of uncertainty and distractions, remember that the end of product of procrastination is indecision. So instead of arriving at a conclusion you find yourself trapped in a state of confusion. And if you doubt the validity of this message then ask yourself in all sincerity, how many times did you use the words ‘be right back’ and went right back to that conversation? Or how many times did you pause a house chore only to discover eventually that that pause turned out to be a halt? Or the numerous times when you said you would do your assignment until you found yourself with an empty sheet on the day of submission trying to dub from someone else’s completion… Procrastination!

Opportunities come and go but only those who seize them will learn to grow. Every minute someone out there is making a decision, and while you think you’re buying yourself time or trying to play safe, may I remind you that time does not give a damn, waits for no man and the greatest risks in life lie in playing safe. Think about it, you either choose to stay and wait or lace up those boots and wake but sometimes we play and leave it late then begin to struggle in the nick of time simply because we refused to take. So don’t wait for tomorrow if you can begin to do it today, and yes good things come to them that wait but even better to them that chase!

Make a mistake, just make sure you make and learn to keep aside your pride, the only man that fails is one who never tried. Let your determination outweigh your sense of deliberation, send procrastination to a point of termination.


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  1. I feel like clapping. What the heck, *Clap clap clap clap*
    I learned from this. Thanks!

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