My True Love (2)

The stars are out, I stare at them and wonder if he’s also doing the same wherever he is. He calls me his star. He says, since he can’t take me on his missions- except my pictures and sometimes when he isn’t busy we skype each other, he goes out to look up at the stars that are always there and imagine me as one of them, that way I’m always with him. That way we stay connected.

He makes me so mushy sometimes.

So I’m out here looking at the stars and wondering if he’s doing the same. My heart, my life has never been the same since he “heyed” his way into them. Though I pushed him away at first, especially when I found out he was in the army, then it was a strike against him. I wish I could take those back if I’d known he’ld hold a rare place in my heart. I’ld take it back the very first time he said “hey” to me and we’ld make lovely memories instead.

Sometimes when I lie at night to sleep, I look back at our journey and just laugh at some of my behaviours. He also behaved badly but in his defence, he says I bring out the worst in him. I accept, since he brings out the same in me. I also accept those parts of him, it’s part of what makes me adore him and sometimes almost make me tear my hair out.

He is a bad boy but he’s my bad boy. My very bad boy!

Oh! How he fought for me, dragged out feelings I didn’t know existed and made himself the center of my world. So here’s our beginning, the start of our journey.



I go, not knowing where I’m headed to. Still, I move because it’s a start, a start of new beginnings.
– Anonymous.


Church was filled today. If I’d paid any attention to my father’s discussion with the pastor, the day before, I’ld have known that today was a special sunday.
Army men, dressed in army attire were present as the former General also attended my church and it seemed they came to pay their dues.
It was no business of mine or it wasn’t until I saw him or he saw me.

I was on stage singing the opening praise when they marched in. I heard a slight gasp from my friend Chioma who was right behind me. She wasn’t the only one who’d been surprised, the church members all stood, watching the scene.
They marched right up front, did whatever demonstration they did in the army, saluted the former General and were later shown their seats. They occupied the second row of the second column in church where the former General sat in the first row.

Church soon stopped talking to continue the praise. As the chorister singing the praise, I let myself go and allowed the praise take over. That was how I was dancing when I felt a pair of eyes on me. The congregation rarely affected me so what was making me so conscious when I wanted to lose myself in praises?
I scanned the church, still singing and dancing until my eyes met a pair of eyes I never thought I’ld see again. The eyes belonged to an army official. Army? He was in the army?

The moment he realised I’d recognised him, he started to smile and I looked away, I turned away completely from that side throughout praise, but it was hard as he was stuck there in the middle of the church, in the middle of my vision.
I struggled with my praise. He’d affected me to the extent that he’d affected my praise and I wasn’t pleased with myself. I was pissed, at him and at myself. I told myself to ignore him and I did until the service was over.

I made sure I hung around my choir mates, we always had meetings after church services while my parents waited to speak with the pastor and some of their friends. My siblings usually disappeared until it was time for them to be found. So I was being scarce when he found me before our meeting.
I’d been watching him and his fellow soldiers, gathered around the former General when one of my friends in the choir told a group around her that he was her younger brother who’d just gotten back from a mission. It also occured to me that, that would mean the former General was his father, as she was one of the daughters of the former General.

It was while I was caught up in the story that I suddenly saw him appear before me.
He said with a smile.
“Luck must be on my side for us to meet again and so soon after our encounter the other day, but you don’t have to say anything because I- what was it again?”
He paused as if trying to remember while I just sat there watching him like he’d appeared from nowhere.

“Yea, I remember now. I stalk, gawk and I’m a nuisance in my environment.” He smiled as if he’d solved a great puzzle.

Seeing as I was still watching him, he pulled up a chair and sat beside me, watching me too with those eyes that had suddenly gone serious.
“You have beautiful eyes, Mira.” He said, his eyes still searching mine, stripping me bare.
I looked away and tried to think of something evil and witty at the same time to say to him but I kept thinking how prettier his were.
I needed to get away…fast.

“Jase!” His father called. I leapt up and escaped.
“Till we meet again.” He called out after me.

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  1. Why is Jase so sure they will meet again?@vanessa

  2. Oh. Sweet love…Jase and Mira…Lol…like Jasmine? Lovely story….
    Love ‘heyed’ and ‘my bad boy’…awwn…

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