Episode one: She comes undone

Mary was happy.

Her father had just told her that her Aunt Susan, who lives in Jos, wants her to come over for the summer holiday, in fact, she wants her in exactly a week from today. She hasn’t seen Aunt Susan, and all her cousins for the past three years, reason been that Aunt Susan’s husband got transferred, and the entire family had to move.

The excitement she felt, as she journeyed to the state where her favourite people in the world now live, knew no bound, she couldn’t wait to get to Jos. Sabina, one of her cousins, who was her age mate, didn’t make her wait any easier, as she constantly teased her with updates on what they all were doing at home, as they awaited her arrival.

Mary’s arrival heralded good tidings, and a beautiful change of atmosphere. She was young, loving, and had a beautiful soul, and her aunt’s family knew it, and they loved her for that.

The awesomeness of days turned into weeks, and weeks to months, and the holiday was coming to an end. Mary had some of the best times of her life during this period,, she didn’t want to leave.

The day before she was scheduled to leave, Mary woke up off. She was easily agitated, and very moody. Everyone at home attributed it to the fact that she didn’t want to leave them the next day, and tried to play along with her, tolerating all excesses she displayed.
The entire family had just finished eating dinner. Mary began to clear the table, and Sabina joined to help her, and also so they could talk a little, before Mary leaves for Enugu tomorrow morning.

Mary proceeded quietly to wash the dishes, continuously ignoring Sabina, who desperately was trying to start a conversation. Sabina could not understand why her favourite cousin was behaving this way, on her last day with them, it made no sense. She shook Mary violently, trying to draw her attention, which caused Mary to accidentally break a mug. Sabina didn’t care about the mug, she needed an answer, a reply of some sort, a show of tiny emotion, from her seemingly emotionally-dead cousin.

Mary in reflex action, pushed back, sending Sabina falling. Mary then pounced on her, giving her fist-blow after blow, till Sabina could move no more, she was going into shock, her eyes barely showing any sign of life.
Mary, still sitting on her cousin, picked up a piece of the broken mug lying by their side, and stabbed Sabina in the neck, at the same time as her Aunt Susan, walked into the kitchen, to know the cause of the noise she’s been hearing.

Aunt Susan screams.

2 thoughts on “SHADES OF TRUE DARKNESS (E1 of 4)” by Arinze Talius Dike (@talius)

  1. Izzy (@Nmadu)

    I enjoyed reading the story, but your tense was off in certain areas eg “before Mary leaves for Enugu tomorrow morning.” It should be “before Mary left for enugu…”, since you’re writing in the past tense. Being consistent with the tense would make for an easier read.

  2. Thanks for reading @Nmadu , I appreciate your correction.

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