Sex Hunter

She laughed,flashes in sky white thrust at me.Her eyes in smouldering coal ignited same in me.Silence soon grew tall between us,spoke our unspoken words. She inched closer.Her fingers found my frame,taking up the dots on my chest.Bristled hairs uncurled with her touches.She bent over,measured the dots with tip of her lips.Gulps of saliva down her throat and dimples of smiles said it was a good treat.The log inbetween my legs came alive,into a rod.Then she crouched,unveiling a crack underneath.She climbed my steel and the crack took me in, a full swallow.I responded with jerks.As our thighs built into one,flame crept in using our bodies as conduit.She twerked,swerved sensually from corner to corner as if she would pull the steel from its root.She cackled smiles,rhythmically with the creaking bed.Her weight against mine,the flame rekindled.I felt the cap of my rod hurting then I let out a light moan, ‘Jeesuuuuus’. And she left me. Then I woke up but the pain did go with her. I felt cold in my pant. She did it against me. A succubus,a night’s sex hunter.

8 thoughts on “Sex Hunter” by ebuka (@himalone)

  1. lolx…the description seem straight out of a novel….

    Are you new here love?

    1. It is not a excerpt from a novel.It’s just a made-up story.Am trying my hands now on ‘INCUBUS’.See you later nah

  2. Nice having you around.Am not new sweetheart but I have been away afew times.I will check on your posts to satisfy my salivating eyes. Take care

  3. There ought to be a space after each punctuation mark. The way it appears, as I can see it, it is obvious that you ignored that rule.

  4. That was a mistake sir, thanks for your words.

  5. Beautiful and erotic

  6. Y did she have to hit u in your dream? With proper punctuation and sentence arrangement, it would have been under the ‘poetry’ category and not ‘fiction’.

  7. I liked the excerpt (That’s what it seemed liked). Hoping for the larger work.

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