Secret Lovers

They sneak past the hut, down to the bush, on the path only they know.
They know their time together is limited so they spend it in the only way they know; getting acquainted and cherishing every moment of it. They kiss and snuggle up, knowing a time will come when they will be able to do more.

Dawn comes, birds chirp. The bush comes alive and so do they. They kiss some more and walk together to the mouth of the bush.
They depart separately, the maiden heading to the hut and the warrior disappearing into the bush.
Come morning, bright and shining!
A knock on the door, the maiden rush to answer.

She opens the door to her warrior.
“Good day warrior.” She greets.
“Good day fair maiden, is-”
“Adanne, who is that?” Her mother’s voice cuts in.

The maiden looks back at her warrior, he winks and smiles at her.
Act 1, scene 1. They know their roles, have played them several times.
She turns back to the house.
“It’s the warrior from Nze village come to see papa.”

The End.

5 thoughts on “Secret Lovers” by Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

  1. Wonderful. I love the traditional scenery used. The literary devices made it come alive. Weldone @vanessa

  2. Thanks Mojisola and Chijy.

  3. it is cruelty or am I the only one thinks so? I’m in rage right now. how can you take us through a beautiful story and then end abruptly like that and expect a cheer?


  4. Don’t rage too much. Thanks for reading!

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