Restore 2

Jade unlocked the door to the house just as the fixed line in her bedroom started ringing. She rushed into the room and picked up the phone on the fifth ring. It was her mum on the line.

“Jade dear, how are you today?”

“I’m fine mum.” Jade replied warily. She knew where the conversation was going and she was not in any hurry to get there.

“Are you back from work?”

“Yes mummy.” Jade rolled her eyes. Obviously, or I wouldn’t be on the phone with you right now.

“So, how is work? I hope that your oga is no longer disturbing you o?

“No mummy. Everything is cool with us now. I took care of it.”

Jade’s boss had been trying to go out with her for months and she had been battling with fending him off. He had made her life a living hell for months on end and out of frustration one day, jade had opened up to her mum about it. Jade regretted that decision to this day. Her mum had then constantly reminded her of everything that was wrong in her life. Jade had taken care of the problem by hiring a lawyer and threatening to sue her boss for sexual harassment in the work place. Although such things are not common place in Nigeria and she had only done that as a last resort, it had worked in this instance. Jade felt it was because her boss feared his wife and the scandal that could ensue. After all, he was supposed to be a ‘pillar’ of the society.

She waited for her mum to start the tirade that eventually followed after she asked about her job.

“This is what I have been telling you all this while Jade. Men do not see divorced women as responsible women. They think you are all loose and wayward and they will keep coming to offer you degrading and insulting proposals. They will never take you seriously.

“I don’t even know why you left your husband ehn? That fine, young man, very respectful and he always made me laugh. Very handsome man and he took care of you too. Why did you leave him?”

“You wouldn’t understand mum.” Jade replied wearily.

It had always been the same story over and over again. Ever since Jade left her husband four years ago, it had been the same thing. Her mum would call her, and after asking perfunctory questions about her general well being, would launch into a tirade that could last for hours. Of course, Jade could refuse to pick her calls but the respectful attitude she had been ingrained with will not let her, and that wouldn’t have deterred her mum anyway. She would just have kept calling back.

“What won’t I understand, ehn? So fun mi kin gbo? What is there to understand? You young girls of these days, ehn, you are too proud. You cannot humble yourselves and live peacefully with a man. What if he wanted to marry a second wife or even a third one? As long as he kept taking care of you, why should you object? After all, I was your father’s second wife and our family was okay.”

“Yeah, you would think so.” Jade murmured under her breath.

“Ehn? Ki lo so? What are you murmuring about?”

“Nothing mum.”

“Ehn, ma so ro. Me, I will sha say my own. If you like hear, if you like, don’t hear, it is out of my hands.”

“Yes, mum. I have heard you.” The earlier Jade shows acquiescence the better. It will make the conversation much shorter than it would have been.

“How is my grandson ojare? She asked

“He’s fine ma.”

“Hope you are hearing from him o?”

“Yes ma.”

“Tell him not to join bad group o. Ko ma join cult o. Did you hear me?”

“Yes mum, I’ll relay your message to him.”

“Good. Oti da. In fact, I’ll call him myself sef, don’t worry.”

“Okay ma.”

“Take care of yourself ojare. I’ll call you next week. Let me call my grandson.”

“Bye mum.”

“Ehnhen, bye bye o.” With that she hung up the call.

Jade slumped on the bed and draped her arm over her eyes. She was exhausted, physically and mentally. Her mum’s calls usually wore her out and just reminded her of things she would rather forget. It was not until recently that she had stopped crying after her mum called.

Sometimes, she was so heartbroken that she would cry for hours on end. Now, she just took it as the norm and moved on. Although, the rest of her evening would be spent moping around and thinking of her ex-husband. Thank God Segun was not home.

Whenever Jade thought back to the way she and Wale had loved each other, she always wondered when everything had started to go wrong. Thinking back, she acknowledged that their separation and eventual divorce had been as a result of her insecurities and unwillingness to trust her husband. It had taken the Holy Spirit to open her eyes to her mistakes and slip-ups. She had wallowed in self-pity and anger for months before having that epiphany. Who knew what their lives would have been like now if they had stayed together?

Jade thought back to where it all began. She had met Wale on campus and it had been love at ‘a few sights.’ Wale had been so full of life and living, it had been intoxicating. His smiles made her smile and whenever he was unhappy which was rare, nothing could make her happy too. They had been inseparable, obsessed with each other and in love.

Jade had known of his tendencies to attract the opposite sex excessively but she had turned a blind eye to it, and since they were always together and he didn’t seem to notice other girls when he was with her, she had ignored it completely. Until they got married, then everything unraveled.

Jade had noticed that whenever they went out, he was always flirting with other women, and unwittingly encouraging them. She had warned him lovingly at first but it seemed he was not listening; he just kept courting the attention of other women. Then Jade’s insecurities had reared their ugly heads; she had accused him of cheating (which she knew he hadn’t) and all manner of things. She had called him names and they had fought unceasingly until he had stopped inviting her to go out with him. The ten years they were married was hell until they both decided to part ways. The ensuing two years had been more hellish for Jade until she had an encounter with Jesus. Then, she found peace.

A friend of hers had invited her to Sunday service in her church and Jade had gone reluctantly. She had not been expecting anything in particular, rather she just wanted to leave the gloomy atmosphere of her home, and hence she accepted the invitation.

Although Jade grew up with a religious mother, who went to church unfailingly on Wednesdays and Sundays, she had never been inclined to search further and find out what it really meant to be a Christian. Christianity was all well and good, but she would take common sense over that any day and any time. Such was her conviction until she stepped into church that day.

The first thing Jade noticed was the atmosphere, so welcoming and engaging. She felt happy after so many days of sorrow as a constant companion. The feeling was liberating and that was how she began her journey with Christ. She gave her life to Christ that very day and had not looked back since then.

Now that she knew God hates divorce, she prayed everyday for her husband. She prayed he would see the light and come back home. She prayed his heart would be captured by God and he wouldn’t be able to get free, and she prayed he would remember his family and return. It was the constant cry of her heart and she knew sooner or later, God would answer her.

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  1. Nice one, again. Though the previous episode have already taken care of most of the details about Wale–the flirting part; Jade’s exaggerated response. One may be tempted to skip that part. It would have worked if it was Jade that was telling us about it ( first person POV, likely), not the narrator.

  2. Oh okay….thank you.
    When I was writing this, what I pictured was Jade telling her point of view but I guess it didn’t translate to the reader. Next time, I’ll be sure to point that out. Thank you @namdi

  3. yea. try and make it first person point of view.thanks

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