Restore 1

Wale whistled happily as he took a cold shower in the bathroom. He was preparing for a date he had with Nedu, a lady he had met just that afternoon.

He had met Nedu at the bank when he went to send some money to his son, Segun who was at the university. Nedu was the teller who attended to him and Wale had been captivated by her beauty when he saw her. He determined to ask her out and proceeded to do just that. Luckily for him, Nedu was receptive to his attention and she was flattered that a handsome and self-assured man such as Wale asked her on a date. She had simpered and preened until the grumblings of those on the queue got to her. She had quickly attended to Wale and he moved on but not before getting her digits though.

Nedu was flattered. She had seen Wale on many occasions when he came to the banking hall but he had never noticed her. He was always in a hurry and sometimes so distracted as could not be spoken to. She had always wished he would notice her and just give her a smile, but he hadn’t until today.

Wale was just her type of man. Tall, lanky and exuded confidence. He was not particularly handsome but Nedu thought he was the most captivating man she had ever laid eyes on. She liked men who exuded self-confidence.

Wale was not surprised Nedu accepted his invitation. He always had a way with ladies, and one way or the other they flocked to him. According to his ex-wife, they were attracted to his carriage. She said he carried himself a certain way that proved irresistible to the fairer sex. Wale was not so sure about that but he was not about to question his luck.

Jade, his ex-wife was always jealous whenever they went out together. Rather than enjoy herself, she was always on the look-out for anyone who looked at a husband in a ‘certain way.’ She had identified the ‘look’ and was always ready to go for the jugular of any woman that was unfortunate enough to have the ‘look’.

Wale, being a very friendly and charismatic character had found this attribute of his wife’s stifling. He prided himself on being a ladies’ man and loved flirting with beautiful women. He was not used to his every action scrutinized by someone and this had put a strain on their relationship. They had fought after every outing until Wale had ceased inviting her to go out with him; Jade had seen it as a slight and assumed he was being unfaithful while out without her. To be fair to Wale, he had never cheated on her while they were married but mistrust and anger chipped at their love until there was nothing left. Consequently, they drifted apart.

Wale was not very happy with the situation but he had been glad to regain his freedom. His unhappiness stemmed from the fact that they had a ten year old son at the time. He had wanted a good home for his son but the constant fights and naggings did not make for a good environment to grow. Therefore, he had to choose from the lesser of two evils; divorce.

Jade had been bitter for years after the divorce. She had retained custody of Segun and had poisoned his mind towards his father. The little time Wale was able to spend with Segun had been filled with sullen silence, grunts instead of worded answers and impudent behavior. After a few months of these, Wale had given up and resolved to only cater for him financially and not bother with bonding. It had worked for all parties involved. Now, they barely saw one another.

Wale was not looking for a serious relationship with Nedu, he just wanted to have a good time tonight and forget about the pressures of life and work in the company of a beautiful lady. He was very particular about the kind of woman he took out on a casual date and the type he could really have a serious relationship with. Nedu does not meet the criteria for serious relationship so he had opted for a casual fling. He was not about to tell her that though, not until he got what he wanted from her.

After primping in front of the mirror for some minutes, he was ready to dazzle the unsuspecting Nedu. Wale opted for a casual look in a pair of navy blue chinos trousers and a pin-striped shirt with a black blazer. He completed the look with navy blue socks and black loafers. He knew he still looked good despite his forty years of age and he was proud of his genes. Picking his key up from the mantle in his room, he went out the door still whistling happily.

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