My Cop

My cop.
Words can’t describe what she is, who she is.
I tried and I just got lost.
So here’s what I managed to put down:

She’s not just a female, she represents the ideal cop.
It’s funny that we find most good cops in fiction, in movies and rarely in reality.

She’s an untarnished badge.

She’s in the man that stands for justice, who wears the white hat.
She’s in the man that looks out for his neighbour.
She believes in the law. Sometimes, the law doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to, she believes it tries its best and works out in some cases.
And in those cases that fall through, you can’t do anything but comfort yourself by knowing you did your best and that the outcome of such cases don’t lie in your hands but in the hands of the law.

She’s special.
She lives, breathes and eats the badge.
Though the badge tries to make her, she remembers it’s the other way around; she makes the badge.

To her, the badge is a responsibility, a goddamn duty. Not some sort of protection for cops, or a hammer they can toss around.
Not a cushion and definitely not a weapon.

My cop isn’t entirely real and that’s sad because we need cops like her to make a difference in our world.
She doesn’t work for the glory or for the rep.
She does it because she loves the job, she is the job and someone just needs to set things in order.

My cop isn’t entirely real but I want to believe, I choose to believe that a part of her dwells amongst us, in the hearts of GOOD cops all over the world.

A good cop is someone who respects the badge and what it stands for, and doesn’t stop until they make a difference.
– Lieutenant Eve Dallas (JD Robb’s In Death series)

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  1. hmmm…this poem makes me want to say yes to the solider-man that is not making me see road….issokay…lolx

    lovely poem!

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