Her Man Palava – Episode 1

The palava of selecting,knowing,trusting,loving before it leads to a happily ever after or a bucket full of tears….


Andrew Bakare’s looks should be banned.

Zoe couldn’t help reaching that conclusion each and every time she thought about her boyfriend’s chiselled lips, long eyelashes, dimpled cheeks, strong white teeth, sculpted jaws and dark-coloured skin. He was not only just fine or rich, he had a body to die for, a combination very hard to find in her part of the world. Definitely a hottie of the most arousing kind.

They had a serious argument last week but she had hoped he would miss her so much and wouldn’t be able resist calling to apologize. After all, he was at fault. She should have known that his over inflated Ego would prevent him from doing the needful.

She had been restless the whole week, trying her best not to call. Not hearing his voice was pure torture. Stalking him all week on the social media platforms he was on hadn’t been enough cos’ he did not even update any of them.

“Wasup with this guy “. She had asked herself repeatedly tills she got dizzy with worry.

So many thoughts and “what if’s” clouding her fragile heart.

“Mshew”. She hissed, disgusted with herself and her incapability to discipline her mind from thinking about him.

“Only if I had the ability to be immune to him” she thought….


“I’m a chosen generation, called forth to show his Excellency…..” Shade sang along with the crowd.

“I know who I am, GLORY! GLORY!” She shouted excitedly, repeatedly jumping.

For Shade, church was so so on point. She was so excited and the only person she thought of sharing her happiness with was “Le boo “as she fondly called him.

She picked up her phone and dialled his number. He picked on the first ring.

“Hi baby, how are you?”

“Hi love, I’m good” He replied.

“How was service?” He asked

“Service was on point boo, I am so overdosed on the Holy Ghost “. She drawled.

“Hmm I’ll meet you soon, would love to have some of that overdose”. He replied.

“Tell me how you’ll love to have it” she replied flirtingly

“Leave that for me to decide, I’ll see you soon”

“May God forgive you”. She laughed

Leroy’s deep baritone voice never failed to intoxicate her. She cut the phone, feeling more excited.


Karis Mosope Williams couldn’t stop shaking from embarrassment .Her stomach was quivering and her head had begun throbbing with headache.

“Hi beauty, did you hear me? I am Amir Husain and I’ll love to have your number”

She glanced his way shyly, unable to utter a word.

After a tiring day at work, she had hoped for so many good things one of which was to experience less traffic going home. She didn’t know how she would survive if she was stuck in traffic. She had already gotten Chinese for dinner and was eager to ravish it immediately she got home.

One thing she didn’t predict was to be the centre of attraction at the bus-stop of all places! She looked away from the so called “Amir” hoping he would leave if she ignored him long enough, but she was not given the opportunity to do so as angry drivers began to horn and cuss at him to leave the road. Lagos drivers got no chill mehn!

Suddenly the people at the bus-stop faced her, some shouting, and some advising her to give out her number. Some even went as far as dictating false numbers on her behalf, instead Amir just sat in his car quietly watching the scene before him, oblivious to the chaos  he was causing and  patiently waiting for  her to give him what he wanted …Her number.

The shouting triggered her brain, and she found herself reciting her number to him. The nerve of a guy! He even waited to confirm that she gave him the right number. She just wanted him gone already!

“Could this day get any worse”, she cussed

Hold on for episode 2

Written by: Pelumi


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  1. Holding on for episode two…

  2. oh I’m so holding on….Can’t wait to see how the characters would sum up.
    Nicely written, although this my oversabi eye catch error somewhere….hehehe

  3. Eagerly waiting episode 2.

  4. Arms folding till next episode.

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