“Her Man Palava” -3


God knew that she was crazy in love with Andrew, crazy being the ‘Operative‘ word.

She allowed her mind to drift to the first time she met Andrew. It had been on a plane on her way to Milton Keynes for her cousin’s wedding. She had just finished writing a very tough exam in quantum physics and couldn’t be bothered to book a flight earlier.Instead,her mind had been glued to Schrodinger equation, Hamiltonian, wave particle and all the abstract gibberish attached to quantum physics. Her travelling was a last-minute decision after so much pressure from her family who had gone a week ahead of her.

She got to the airport looking haggard, battered and unkempt. With swollen eye bags, uncombed hair, bushy eyebrow, mismatched clothes and a face bereft of makeup she wasn’t expecting a Gorilla to pay her the slightest of attention not that she was interested in any kind . She was totally exhausted, having had several sleepless night and had hoped to catch some sleep in transit ,but as fate would have it, her sit partner was a stunning looking guy whom she would later know as Andrew Macaulay.

Andrew was sited at the window seat,  a Beats by Dre head phone plugged to his ear and a book in his hand. She spied at him with the side of her eyes, trying to gauge if he looked kind enough to grant her request,which was to switch sits.

“Eeerm hello?” she said hesitantly, not knowing what to expect.

“Hi, Hi “.She tried again when she was unable to catch his attention. This time her voice was loud enough for him to stare in her direction. His eyes were her undoing and she allowed herself to freely sink into the rich beauty of his almond colored eyes.

“Do you need me for something?.” He asked quizzically, left eye brow shot up.

“Eeerm Eeerm”. She stammered. Question totally forgotten

“The thing is, I want to eeerm , I’ll like to to……” She tried one more time, willing her tired brain not to disgrace her.

He cut her off before she’ll completely disgrace herself from all the stammer. “You might want to take a breather chica”.  He said, with a smile that lightened up his already sexy eyes.

Like a zombie, she followed his instruction without thinking and to her surprise,she felt more relaxed and her temporary amnesia cured.

“Thanks a lot. The thing is ermm… I am actually very tired.  She said.

“That clear for all to see” He replied ,cutting her off once more.

“So since it’s clear for all to see, can I switch sit with you please? A window sit will enable me relax better and faster, that is …if if you don’t mind”. She finally asked amidst a bit stammering. She slightly bowed her, unable to meet his eyes for the fear of being lost in it again.

“It’s alright”. He responded , immediately getting up to switch positions even before she had finished asking.That action alone, his sensitivity, struck a chord deep within her. She immediately felt very self-conscious. She wished she had a magic god mother or whoever transformed Cinderella, to magically change her clothes into something sexy. Definitely not a ball gown like Cinderella’s!.

He must have noticed the sudden change in her demeanor because he turned to ask if she was comfortable. She gave him a cursory nod.

Sleep suddenly flew out of the window and Insomnia flew in, ganging up against her. She was restless and she forced herself to keep her eyelid closed. In her mind she imagined them together beneath a blanket of multiple tiny shiny stars, locked up in an everlasting embrace. She would be lucky to have him for a boyfriend and maybe a husband.After all a fine husband was good for having cute children.

She did not know how long her imagination took but she sure knew when she felt soft cool fingers on her skin in a feather like touch. “Hey”. He said

“Hi” she turned to him

“I see you are struggling there”.He whispered

“Struggling ?”. She asked confused . She stared at him waiting for him to explain instead he looked at her for a brief moment and then put back on his headphones, taking his attention off her.

She was dazed at his actions, very confused. “Did I say anything wrong?”. She thought.

Determined to get answers. She tapped him. “I am sorry I did not get what you meant by me struggling but my name is Zoe and you are?”. She said, stretching out her  hands to him for a handshake but he totally ignored her. When he did not reply, she poked him at his ribs.

“Ouch, I see you’re ready to talk”

If only he knew that the reason why she was finding it difficult to have a conversation with him was because he was exuding so much heat, too much for her brain to handle. She was struggling to maintain propriety

“Hello Zoe”. The knock on her door jolted her back to the painful present reality without warning.She groaned in pain

She painstakingly willed her body to get up from the floor.Wiping her face,she walked slowly to open the door.

……….Yes it was Andrew in flesh and blood, not an assumption,not a mirage and not a delusion.

Absence surely does makes the heart fonder because she stood rooted to the ground, door slightly ajar, her gaze transfixed on him.

“Do we talk or do I walk?” He asked…….



Working as an auditor in an audit firm will not be considered as easy, especially if you are working on multiple different jobs. Mistakes are costly, conscientiousness the rule of the game, imperative to attain success. Little wonder why Karis at Twenty-four and with an hour-glass figure was still single.

Having a long, hard, tiring day was the norm and on weekends while her mates were turning up, getting laid or attending weddings, she would be in bed, totally exhausted. Despite the stress, it did not stop her body and mind from craving for a companion. You know,someone to nag to, someone to surprise her once in a while with tickets to Mauritius and sometimes show up at her work with a bouquet of flower or a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

The ringtone of her phone woke her up from her deep slumber. “Mshew”. She hissed angrily.She had forgotten to turn off the phone before sleeping.

She stared at the strange number on the screen and was about to cut the phone , when the idea that it might be Amir calling hit her.

Amir was the guy who had created a scene two weeks ago just to get her number and yet hadn’t called. She cleared her throat and picked up her phone.

“Hi, this is Karis. May I know who I’m speaking to?”. She said in her best voice.

“Hello, this is Alex speaking “.  The caller responded in a crude tone.

“What Alex and which Alex are you” She questioned. Her voice betraying her irritation.

She had hoped and then assumed it was Amir’s instead this…. “Who the hell is this Alex?”. She thought, ransacking her brain for a clue

“Relax dear, are you hangry “.

“I beg your pardon! don’t you dare dear me”. She shouted into the phone

” I am sorry, I get your number from somewhere”.

“What somewhere?” she asked sarcastically

“The thing is I like you, please forget the somewhere I get your number from”. he replies in poor English mixed with  fake American/ Igbotic accent.

“Mshew” . She gave a long hiss before cutting the phone;immediately  blocking his number.

“What nonsense, when did ‘Forget’ become ‘Foret’. 

 It made her sad because the guys whom she did not give a rat ass about were the ones quick to proclaim love, calling incessantly especially at the wrong time and the ones she fancied always gave her nothing but a hard time . “This life is just complicated”.She rolled and tossed unable to sleep, pissed with the direction of her thoughts.

The vibration of her phone disrupted the flow of her thought . Eyes lowered to check the caller, she frowned, clearly not pleased .

“Hello” She said sternly . ready to scold another Alex

“Is this a bad time to talk? I can call you some other time”. Perfect gentle voice flowed like liquid  to her ears.

“Hi, it’s not a bad time to talk”. She cooed with delight.

“I assume you don’t know who you are speaking to. I am sorry I did not send you a text introducing myself before I called”.  His eloquence was amazing causing her heart to flutter with excitement.

“Maybe you should have sent a message, I usually don’t pick calls with unknown numbers” she replied smiling to the phone.

“Once again, I apologize. I will now cut the line and send you a message introducing myself properly so you can decide if you want to pick my call or not”. He said calmly. And before she could tell him not to bother sending a message that she was OK with him calling, the phone line disconnected. And then the text came in:

“Hi. My name is Amir Hussain. You gave me your number after so much persuasion. I apologize for causing you so much embarrassment just to get your number. Let me know if you would like me to call you some other time or not.”

Karis jaw dropped open as she read through the text. Now she was supposed to message him approving of his call or not? And then her conscience pricked her, “Have you not just scolded an admirer for calling without consent?”

This life is definitely complicated!. What was she to do now?


He was the complete package and although she was afraid to say,she loved Leroy with every fiber of her being.

Shade wondered what was missing in her seemingly perfect picture, Leroy loved her, she knew it, so what was wrong? Then it clicked. She wanted forever, some sort of assurance that what she shared with Leroy would last till eternity.

And eternity for her could only be confirmed by the weight of a ring on her fingers.But every time she brought up the topic Leroy seemed to avoid it like punches in a boxing ring.

She felt she was Manny pacquiao and he was Floyd Mayweather, expertly avoiding her punches of  ‘when will we marry’  enquiries.

To be a woman in a man’s rule made it all complicated.

** To be continued **
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Palava: problem, Issues, worries, load of hassles
Chica (spanish) : Girl

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