Her Man Palava- (2)


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“Zoe ! Zoe ! there’s someone here for you ooo”. She heard her sister’s voice travel from the sitting room downstairs to her ear’s.

She was dazed for a second, she felt her heart palpitate with excitement and anticipation. “Alright  I’ll be with the person soon “. She shouted back.

“Yes! At last!”. She laughed, punching the air in victory.

“OMG! Finally !he has now decided  to visit after two full weeks of torture and distress”. She thought to herself.

Already excited at the prospect of having Andrew in her home after a long time,she moved with urgency to get herself ready for him. Suddenly she paused in the midst of her activities to think of how Andrew’s absence from her life had made her feel like an  alien in her own self.   As this thought passed through her mind, her eyes pricked with tears; tears of Joy and not heartache or disappointment .

She laughed.

“It’s funny how I can tell the difference in my tears, are they not all the same”. She asked herself, smiling at her joke.

Shaking herself from further distractions, she ransacked her wardrobe for a suitable dress to meet Andrew. After several minutes of searching and searching with no result she concluded that she was clotheless even if  there were a lot of clothes.It seemed  her eyes had decided to divorce her brain.

She groaned in annoyance.”Can’t someone just get something to wear already! this is just bullshit!”. She wiped frustrated tears which had suddenly appeared on her face as she plunged herself deeper into the wardrobe, flinging different clothes in different angles that her hands deemed fit; she was determined to look for something subtle, sexy and alluring  by all means.

“At last!”. She rejoiced when she eventually found a dress that fitted perfectly with her goal for the moment.

Taking a look at herself in the full length mirror, she admired her work. From well shaped eyebrow,to smooth face from appropriate use of foundation and powder blend she smiled in satisfaction. Something that she had not been able to do for a while.  Pleased with what she saw,her confidence shot up like an active volcano and her gait changed like a .

She did a checklist  in her mind before she finally presented her sweet self to the love of her life, her sweet obsession,her baby,her Andrew.


Shade walked out of church with swags, she felt refreshed. Church definitely had a way of making her feel good and today was no exception. Her joy doubled with thoughts from her man,Leroy. She thanked God every single day for blessing her with such an amazing person such as Leroy. In her three years of dating him, never for once did he make her feel any less than a woman. He complimented her person, he contributed to her finances, he made her feel confident as a  woman and most especially satisfied her to her heart content especially  when he’s deep in her. gosh!

Alright! he is somehow fine but not Denzel Washington or even close to Lionel Messi. What he lacked in looks he abundantly complimented  with his alluring personality. Leroy almost never gave her a reason to doubt his love and faithfulness. She was  most especially grateful that she hadn’t listened to her friends and ignored him because of his looks. “After all, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

She felt her phone vibrate and quickly fetched it from her bag. ‘My Boo’ it registered. Shade couldn’t help but smile; Talk of the devil!”.

“Hello darling, you look ravishing in that skirt”. Leroy’s voice poured out through her phone speakers immediately she picked up.

Impulsively,she scanned the street, head turning left and right in search of him. Leroy was full of surprises and could be very naughty. “He had to be around somewhere….”

She squealed then giggled when she finally located his sleek car along the road. She headed  towards his car with spring  in her steps and a megawatt smile, strong enough to light up a bulb.

“Hot does not even begin to describe how you look my darling.” She drawled as she settled into the shotgun seat of the car.

“Yeah right, I look like a clown”.He replied, at the same time bending to capture her lips in a holy kiss!

“Well, if I don’t praise you,  who will?

“Ha ha,  I see Dettol is now your favorite soap or are you now their brand ambassador? ”.   He asked putting up an awkward grin.
She hit him playfully on his shoulders.”You’re such a Lemon!”.


It’s not everyday that you have a guy block the road just because he wants your number. As far as Karis was concerned, that kind of thing only happened in novels or movies and she was in non of them. She was dazed that it could happen to her and had to pinch herself  severally to check that she was not on some movie set or stuck in a dream .

Eager to tell someone about her day; on sighting her house she flew out of the cab and rushed to the door. She pressed the bell non-stop until she heard her best friend and house mate Debby shout at her to stop. In her eagerness, she had forgotten to use her spare key.

“yo girl! take it easy. who the  heck is pursuing you ? and what in God’s name is wrong with you?”. Debby lashed.

“shush girl , don’t call that name in vain! anyways, guess what happened to me today! ?” Karis squealed, ignoring the frown on Debby’s face.

“I am not interested, you’ve made me get an headache”

“Are you for real? you sure you don’t want to hear my juicy gist? “. Karis whined.

“Nope, not interested  but spill anyway before you burst “
Playing “The hard to get” game is definitely harder on the person who is more into the relationship. Zoe concluded.
She had thought she could play the game but after more than ‘two weeks  but feels likes a decade’, she was already loosing it. She couldn’t have been more glad to have Andrew within her space.
“At last! At last! At last!”.  She chanted under her breathe in victory.
It took a lot of effort for her to walk down the stairs , especially when she could already perceive his signature perfume.

She inhaled deeply.  “Hmmm how can I resist this”.
Perfumes in general were one of her weaknesses. She loved her men to smell good and Andrew knew just the right fragrance to swirl her senses.  He was a connoisseur of good perfumes.
She shook her head as she observed her terrible looking nails. She had been eating her nail bed of late, an habit that only resurrects whenever she was worried.
“Well not to worry, I’ll show him as an evidence of the pain he made me go through”.

Zoe finally got to the entrance of the living room, walking even more slowly not knowing what to expect from Andrew.

“Haba, why are you taking forever, please come and greet your visitor, he has been waiting since and you are just walking or better still standing there like a zombie”.

She threw her sister a nasty look. She would deal with her later, for now she did not want anything to ruin the moment so she ignored her nasty remark. She finally stepped to the centre of the sitting room only to see a stranger staring at her .

“Oh Ann got a boyfriend !”. She smiled.She to decided to do what every big sister will do to a guy hanging out with their annoying sister. ‘An appraisal!’

She scrutinized him. “Not too bad looking, nice perfume, nice watch, looks decent, no tattoos, no piercing, seems respectful, nice choice of cloth…Thank God! no baggy or skinny jeans or brightly colored ill fitted pants…Approved …I just hope she does’t chase him with her bad mouth”. She ticked in mind

Bringing her mind to focus, she suddenly wondered why Andrew wasn’t sited , she almost panicked thinking he might have left because she wasted so much time and maybe assumed that she didn’t want to see him because she was still angry at him.

“God please don’t let that be case”. She prayed .

Taking a deep breathe she faced Ann who was staring at her strangely.

“Are you okay?”. Ann asked.

“Yes I am, why wouldn’t I be”.

“It’s just that you are acting weird, staring into space for a long time…..”

“Ann I am fine!”. She snapped .

“Where is Andrew?” She asked.

Ann raised an eyebrow, giving her  a quizzical look. “Which Andrew are you talking about?”

“Didn’t you say Andrew was here??”. She asked impatiently

“Yo! I said you had a visitor and that’s him sited over there. Why are you buzzing me about Andrew”. Ann replied,confusion written all over her face”.

“Ann, please don’t mess with me . I am not in the mood for your nonsense joke”. Zoe replied in her most clipped voice, resisting the temptation to scream or yank off Ann’s hair .

“I can see you are smoking something, meet your visitor Brother David he came to do a follow up on you from church”. Ann delivered sarcastically before walking away.

Zoe finally looked at the so called “Brother David” more seriously . “OMG!”. It was the guy who had sat next to her in church during the midweek service she attended” . Her mind recalled.

She knew her sister had intentionally put the Brother prefix to his name to ridicule her for attending church service, something she never did.

With shaky unstable legs , she ran upstairs not wanting to disgrace herself any further. She quickly locked the door of her room and fell to the ground weeping her eyes out. Her chest tightened with pressure, her heart nearly bursting out in pain and turmoil. All she desired at the moment was to sleep and never wake up.

“This is morally reprehensible! ” She screamed. “How do one plead with or crave for a guy you fucking caught cheating on you with some stupid, low life, girl that  he claimed was his cousin?”.

Crying didn’t seem to enough to express her pain anymore.She was spent.

She was lost in her environment as she became consumed in her pain. It took a while for her to mind register that she was in her room and there was a knock on her door.

“Hey Zee are you there? are you okay? it’s Andrew, open up”.

“Andrew??”. She shook her head. There and then she decided not give in to delusions anymore ever again, the pain was too much for her to bear.

“No!No! No !No!”

“Go away!” . She screamed instead with so much force, her brain narrowly escaping from bursting out of her skull!

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