Letters To Myself

Achieve all your dreams
Learn and dare to take risks
Break limitations
Strike and hit gold
Laugh often
Smile always
Be yourself at all times
Appreciate friends
Love family
Dance when there’s a tune that fits the rhythm of your heart
Sing even when your off key
Feel nature
Watch sunsets
Count the stars and wish on a shooting star
Take each day as it comes
Love each moment as it goes
Infect others with your happiness
And most importantly, Love yourself!

Mojisinuola Olajummy
©March, 2016.

2 thoughts on “Letters To Myself” by mojisola olajummy (@mjeezyfone)

  1. Oh yeah, the last line did it for me.
    …” And most importantly, Love yourself!”
    Of late, I’m into the business called ‘Love of Self’…yet i give each man, his due.

    Nice one @mjeezyfone

  2. the title is not catching ,.pls try to improve

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