If The World Was Different

Hello everybody, my first book is out and ready for download. ‘If The World Was Different’ is a story I started posting here on Naija stories under a different title ‘Final Escape.’ I have finally finished it and made it into a novelette. It’s a story of a young boy, Yusuf vowed to avenge his parents death. For this, he had to sell his soul and his faith to the Master. He is sent on a mission that makes him question the choices he made and if he would have decided differently in a better world. ‘If The World Was Different’ is now available for free download on smashwords in any format you want. I’ll provide the link in the comment box. You can drop your feedbacks here on this post or on my personal blog Aminatawa Stories! Thank you!

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  1. Here is the link for download https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/632075

    It is also available on the Kobo reading app.

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