i have more understanding than my teacher

i have more understanding than my teacher

About a few days when I replied my teacher that I have more understanding than him, although it was not as easy as that to said so but when someone is under pressure then I think he or she should say that, but what am I trying to say? It was 7:30 pm in the evening when I was reading for the preparation for my second semester exam in 100 level, but due to how brilliant I was then I was tortured by the secret court which says I must join their gang otherwise I lose my soul, but I didn’t respond to their saying and I kept silence but when they saw that I didn’t respond to them and then they all went away in a jiffy.
Unfortunately, I thought I would report the issue of these cultism but I kept my consistency and I continue reading my books, but in the morning which was the next day on these recent issue that surpassed by I was surprised to hear from one of my course mate that john what were you doing during the class yesterday night around 8:00 pm? And I answered and said isn’t not good to read or prepared for exam, and I explained critically. But on that day I heard the news from my class rep. miss lade about the conspiracy of some boys toward me but I wasn’t told who they are but I know it must be some boys that came to meet me during my reading class yesterday and I answered miss lade to mind her business, Although miss lade thought I was harassing her but not knowing that I was trying to saved her in a way that when those evil people got to know I was I aware by miss lade on this issue on ground she is going to be in danger.
It was a week to the exam when I could not hold it anymore then I went and report to my teacher, but on my going I received a call from my class rep. miss lade that some assignment were to be submitted on introduction to mechanics then I rushed down to the hostel and picked the assignment and submit to my rep. peradventure I was not able to go on that day and I prosponed it to the next day.
When I got there in the next day, I was I asked to wait for him outside because he was attending to someone else and I patiently waited, suddenly I was persuaded about this issue thinking that if I could not able to see this man, Won’t I be in the pit of those evil doer? then I coos. I was about to enter when the lady greeted me and I responded and says good morning and the teacher says to me can I help you? And I answered and said yes sir, the I narrated all the issue to him and he said I should not bother myself with that case that he had nothing to say about that but when I think about their accountability towards the student and I felt in annoyance and said to him SIR I HAVE MORE UNDERSTANDING THAN YOU.

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  1. Maybe this passage is supposed to be confusing because try as hard as i can, i simply can’t get the story line amidst all the grammatical errors.

  2. Whew! Finally! Sincerely, it was quite a task. No, not long, just–too much errors.

    * The conversation between characters ought to be in form of a dialogue, not part of the narration.

    * Edit more.

    * Try to read more too, preferably, best sellers.

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