Having Cold Feet Before The Wedding, Real Or Just A Terrible Excuse?

So I was at this wedding a couple of months ago. Menh! I thought I had come for “THE WEDDING” but little did I know that ‘the wedding’ would turn out to be a bloody waste of time, energy, T-fare, makeup plus the N5000 Ankara material the bride had insisted we must all sew and wear as Asoebis.

My people o! We could not find the groom.  The dude just vanished!

“He dey come, he dey come” was what we were hearing until eventually, the day drew to an end and the stars started advising us to go and sleep.

Nobody knew where the Oga went and all efforts made to locate his whereabouts that day were fruitless.

I mean- A bride’s worst nightmare

Me, I have  said it, and I am still saying it, in fact I have already started casting and binding every demonic spirit that would want to make my bobo decide that the day of all days that he wants to leave and abandon me, would be my wedding day…in my wedding gown.

Hian! Holy Ghost fire o!

Whic kin “I comma-comma” story be that? No O! Cast and Bind abeg!

You need to have seen the bride that day, she was hysterical and I felt so sorry for her. No one saw her again after that day until we started hearing gists of how the groom had shrunk back to beg for forgiveness.

What happened ni?

Oga said He had cold feet.

Hian! Cold feet?

He said that while he had been anxiously/nervously putting on his tuxedo, his uncle had showed up in his dressing room and advised him:

“My son, remember what I told you? Marriage is not easy at all o. Infact, it is only sweet after the first two to three years give or take. So just start preparing your mind…Marriage is all about tolerance”

And that was why he disappeared.


At first, when I heard the story I was like “Gerrahere menh! What kinda cock and bull excuse is that? Abeggie! Instead of the bobo to say he changed his mind and didn’t want to wife the girl again, he is there saying gini?”

A friend of mine said that the uncle must have been jealous or doing kpokus with the dude’s babe behind his back and was just simply looking for a way to ruin the wedding which by the way worked.

Some of my other friends even insisted that the uncle must have used jazz to deceive the dude to hear something like this

 “Run for your life Onyedikachi! …Run! Run!”

and so he ran!

But whatever the case might have been, it was still a terrible thing for the dude to have left his bride at the altar with the whole world watching. In fact, it is a terrible thing for anyone to leave their partner at the altar. As for me, if you notice that your feet are starting to get cold, all you simply have to do is put them on top a burning stove; Shikena! Let them get warm.

Which one is cold feet?

This even reminds me. Please I want to use this medium to beg all our already married brothers and sisters. You people need to stop jinxing this whole marriage thing for us(singles) bikonu especially when it has stressed beyond the said two to three years.

Eh we know…we know that marriage is ‘all’ about tolerance. We know that husband and wife fight all the time. We know that eventually the love would die and it would only be the friendship that exists. We know that children would come and then the couple may not always spend quality time together. We know that sex would not be as before and might eventually dwindle to just once a week or none at all for months. We also know that there would definitely be money issues, extended family conflicts, mother-in-law wahala, sister/brothers impromptu visits and sudden intrusion(if you know what I mean) and then of course, arguments about which side of the toothpaste to press and who should wash the toilet.

Thank you, we know…STOP SCARING US!

However, in the process of highlighting all these difficulties, biko do not forget to mention the privileges, prestige and benefits attached to being married. I cannot count how many times I have wanted to take the front seat of my colleague’s car only to be passed to the backseat because a ‘Mrs’ wanted to join us. When it is even time for promotions or increase in pay, na Mr/Mrs them dey consider first so the rest of us should go and sit  down on the bench.

Also, don’t forget to tell us how refreshing it is to have free and guiltless kpokus(I mean it is the high point of everything ni and the dream of every born-again single brother/sister) and then there are of course the other benefits: companionship, lifetime friendship, trust, procreation, security, partnership and love.

But what’s your thought oh jawe? Do you have any fears about getting married, kindly share them, l’us rub minds together.

And please, if by chance-God forbid-your boo/bae stands you at the altar, would you forgive him/her and still go ahead and marry them? I mean what will you do? Would really love to know your thoughts.

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11 thoughts on “Having Cold Feet Before The Wedding, Real Or Just A Terrible Excuse?” by Kycee Q (@KyceeQ)

  1. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    I like your expression on this issue…these days all you get to here from a married persons as a single are scary things…very few get to tell you how amazing it is.

    1. Thanks dear…
      they don’t o…they keep telling us all the bad part and I get it is because it’s a very serious commitment.

  2. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    Hmm,you are scaring us ooo.

    1. lolx…I am?
      abeg o…don’t be scared.

      1. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

        I will try not 2

  3. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    As long as I am heading to where God wants me to be in life, infact, when I’ve achieved something in life I won’t be scared or worried about getting married. It will be the extra icing on the already complete cake.
    For the second question, in the words of my naija people, I jump am pass. But my dear, true love last, it’s also nice/good to be friends with your partner. It will go a long way in the growth of the relationship/marriage.
    Nice article!

    1. thanks darling and thank you so much for your thought. Yes o! we will all jump it and pass it…I have already started casting and binding ni. I can not come and shout…

  4. That’s just sad and humiliating!

    1. It really is…It’s even unimaginable but then shits happen!

  5. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Very interesting article. This should in fact be recommended for every couple and aspiring couple.

    1. thanks dearie…I’m glad you enjoyed it

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