Becoming God’s Rival

You are a priest
Having God as your first love
In fact, your only love
But I love you
And I don’t care if I have to rival God for that love

You have no space in your heart for my species or my descendants
Females like me who adore the creator’s gifts in you
Almond eyes
Lustrous brown skin
Impeccable accent
Shy countenance

I wonder how you cope with the long nights
And how these features will never be passed on
Because of this path you’ve chosen
To be at God’s Beck and call

I’ve weighed all options
And I’ve decided
I’ll compete with God
I don’t mind if I’m second place
I’ll only mind if you give no thought of me
I’ll become his rival if I have to.

Mojisinuola Olajummy

2 thoughts on “Becoming God’s Rival” by mojisola olajummy (@mjeezyfone)

  1. Fear God o! Lol
    I saw a group of seminarians once and I remember thinking how God had taken these beautiful people. God help us and our love for Father Amadis all over the world.
    Nice one!

  2. Lol.. @Vanessa of course I fear God.. lol. Thank you for dropping by. A lot of Father Amadis really abound!

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