30 day window

I woke up long before the alarm went off at 5 am in a sweat as I had done for the last twenty eight days.

I sprung off the bed and proceeded to strike off the date on the wall calendar as I had done for the previous 27 days.

Almost there, I thought as I knelt down and said my morning prayers dutifully ending with the customary sign of the cross.

A few minutes later my phones alarm went off with a rather loud rendition of James Browns ‘I feel good’, loud enough to wake me up from even the deepest of slumbers on a bad day. I chuckled, I really should deactivate this thing I told myself again.

It had become an unnecessary nuisance over the last few weeks as my internal clock had taken over and managed to wake me up long before I was supposed to rise for the day’s work, this was counterproductive on some days as I ended up feeling exhausted by midday, which added to the fear which engulfed me much like the dark smoke from a Suya stand.

It had been like that for what seemed to be an eternity but in reality was just twenty eight calendar days.

Twenty eight days ago I had begun my day like any other and the day had started really well, with the boss paying bonuses for the previous year. The boys were in a predictably merry mood and unanimously decided to hang out for drinks after work.

Three bottles into the night and a lady walked across the room with each side of her posterior swinging upwards and downwards rhythmically, almost as if guided by a matching drum beat which in that moment appeared to make sense of the loud music emanating from the deejays stand.

In the dark room and my inebriated state I could only see an hour glass form and my mind and some other parts of my body became instantly stuck on her, minutes after she arrived at our table we had struck a deal and it took only a long five minutes before I was in a room with her.

As she unclad I lost some of the initial attraction as I saw that some of her highlights could best be described as false advertising. Discouraged as I was even with the rolls of cellulite spread which were unappealingly spread across a large part of her naked body I was too far gone to turn back, I had to see this deed through.

Despite the poorly aired room with complete with old wooden type shutters and a faulty fan which added to the unappealing atmosphere, I proceeded to try my best to enjoy what was left of the night.

Our coming together started feverishly but soon became an ordeal as she pushed to end our session quickly, while I wanted to get my moneys worth.

As she tightened her legs and moved her lower body strenuously to end it.

I fought back using a trick I had learnt years back from my secondary school biology teacher who had advised us not to dwell on the process, but instead to find something unrelated to concentrate on so that we could extend the session to allow the females better enjoy the session instead of rushing it like most young men were prone to doing.

Then I felt it, I wasn’t exactly sure but somewhere between my head and the responsible organs, the previously rushing adrenaline ebbed suddenly causing me to react in near violent fashion as I conjured up enough energy to pull myself off.

Moments later she was gone, I was left sitting on the edge of the bed staring at the broken tube on the floor, my money gone, my mind racing with all forms of fear and my dignity lost.

I then recalled what Dotun my pre-med friend who also worked part time as a health counsellor had told me about this years ago.

I would have to wait 30 days to see what marks this unremarkable few moments of fun would leave on me

7 thoughts on “30 day window” by chimanu2000 (@chimanu2000)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice tale. I’m sure those 30 days won’t be easy ones.

    Wait oh! a biology teacher taught his students that? Going that far, is it appropriate?

  2. Oluwaseun Ojegoke (@ojestar)

    Beautiful tale. I enjoyed every bit.

    @namdi Biology teachers do go that far and further too, it’s the reason the favourite topic for most biology students is Reproduction….lol

  3. namdi (@namdi)


    True confession: In biology, Reproduction was my favourite topic oh! But my teacher was ‘too religious’ for that kind of talk.

  4. Jowana Obi (@Jowana)

    Use of Figures of Speech @ 100%.

    This is a great piece, I love the the subtle representation of the rather explicit scenes ,it leaves a lot to ones imagination.

    This is literature.

  5. Izzy (@Nmadu)

    Wonderful read. Shows the importance of using protection.

    1. Abiona Alli (@abionaalli)

      On the contrary, Izzy, it shows that the so-called “protection” sometimes fails

  6. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    Is that so? well, it was kind of subtle.

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