Who raised our nation


Where are the women who gave birth to the beast of Chibok
Where are the mothers who raised the monsters of ISIS
Where are the women who gave birth to the corrupt leaders of our nation
Where are the mothers who raised the pedophiles and the rapists in our generation

Who raised the thugs on the streets with no job and sense of responsibilities?
Who raised the whores and the sex slaves that live with us in our communities?
Who raised the thieves and the murderers that are written in the record books?
Who raised the drug dealers and the sex perverts in those houses with the red door

Who are the mothers of the world’s celebrated heroes and heroines?
Where did they get it right?
Being a mother is not only to your own child
Being a mother is to every child that will ever cross your path.

Empower a woman today
In her lies the values to raise nations

2 thoughts on “Who raised our nation” by Funmi Fasipe (@Funmilolafash)

  1. I get that. Nice one, but you do realise that a father also has a role to play in the upbringing of a child. Let’s cut women some slack. Go womanhood!

  2. I can really relate, everyone forgets a bad person is coming from somewhere, a society and family whose values need to be rechecked

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