To The Maker

Chaser of my fears
At your feet I bow
Drier of my tears
Your name I must sound

In you I trust
My hope; my fortress
Praise you I must
For ages, endless

The ants; the mosquitoes
They bite as I sleep
But your grace I extol
Nostrils they ne’er see

Though my sins be plenteous
And red as crimson
Your mercies are gracious
Forever lasting

With an egg, You’ll crack rocks
Your might is boundless
Sword and spear, your power mocks
Your strength is boundless

As a lamb, as gentle
Of peace, the emblem
As a lion, as fearful
Of war, the emblem

Omnipotent, you are
The all-sufficient
Omnipresent, you are
The ever-present

King of kings, God of all
Mighty and sovereign Lord
The Maker, The Creator
Ruler of the whole world

As long as I live
My mouth shall not cease
To praise You it will
Till I rest in peace

4 thoughts on “To The Maker” by Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

  1. Good one…I love your use of metre..though for some reasons, the fifth and the penultimate verse seemed to disrupt the flow a little..
    Well done

  2. its a nice piece, well done

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