The Woman Who Is Her Own Man

I experienced serious poverty as a little girl. So, I vowed to become the best at everything I set mind on. I don’t mean to brag, but I consider myself a very successful person.

At thirty-five, I am one of the youngest and most successful female lawyers in the country. I earn six figures,I bought my parents a house, I eat what I want to eat and wear what I want to wear. I know exactly what I want, and I don’t settle for less. Now, that’s where the problem is; I don’t settle, I want what I want. I don’t see anything wrong in that, but everyone else does.

The major problem is that, I am a rich, thirty-five year old, unmaried woman. All my younger siblings both male and female are married. They all seem to think that I have become a man and no man can be good enough for me. Even my mother, has given up on me.

“Oluwatomisin, you are never going to get married.” She said to me, when I broke up with my last boyfriend. Nobody ever asks why I end it with my boyfriends, they all just assume it’s my fault.

The only person that understands me is my best friend, Tade. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not in love with my best friend or anything cliché like that. He is a married man, and we have been friends since primary school, since the day I rescued him from a bully; I’ve always been a badass. Tade will have my head, if he finds out I told you this, so don’t tell him.

We experienced poverty together, we both vowed to overcome it. And today, you see Tade’s face every night on the evening news.

With the exception of Tade, everyone else thinks I enjoy the single life, and that I’ll end up old and lonely, like Aunt Tayo who can’t even have cats as company because people will think she’s a witch. But, I’ll prove them all wrong and show them that I can actually find a man who will not be intimidated by me.

I’ll show them that I am still a woman who can find and keep a man. And when I do, they will all eat their words.

To be continued…

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