The Problem

the problem
It all started in the division in Christianity
And the separation from our traditional society
It’s in the denial of who we are
It’s in the refusal of where we come from
It’s in the doubt of where we are going to
It’s in the corruption of every breathing mind in our country
That has infested every other seed like a magnet
It’s in the margin of knowing who is righteous and unrighteous
It’s in the details of our eyes that overlooks evil
It’s in the path of our ancestors who left us the way we are
It’s in the foolishness and greed of our past leaders
That has eaten up the dreams of the unborn toddlers
It’s in the killer disease we are so much in love with
It’s in the shame we have created for ourselves
And the mockery drama we are acting for the world to watch
It’s in our root, our source and our blood

The solution is not to hit the hammer on the head
The solution is not to fix a part of the helm
The solution is not in the search for the right one
The solution is not in devising measures for change
The solution is not in setting up a committee for anticorruption war
The solution is in the acknowledgement of who we are
The destruction of all that we have
The rebuilding of all that we wish to have
The problem is in us
The solution is in us

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