Sex In the toilet


‘I caught my daughter in the toilet, with an older man. Can you imagine’. ‘It happened in the toilet’, she screamed.

The entire room, full of staffs of Barbados High, couldn’t help but make remarks with painful faces, as they all joined the woman in chastising her 16 years old daughter.

‘How did it happen?’, asked one of the teachers. ‘Tell us now!’, another pressed further, all joining a perplexed Mrs. Smithson in staring at her wayward daughter.

‘It started six weeks ago’, Angela began to narrate.

Mr. Jared was the new transfer to the school this session; young, fair, tall, and incredibly sexy, perfect as any woman’s man. He was heavily fancied by all the girls in Barbados High, Angela was no exception.

He was well known to be able to resist the many advances of female students. The wild ones knew well how to tempt and seduce men, and on numerous occasions tried to do same with him, but every time, he’s always toppled them. But rumours still persist that, he’s had his way with various girls in the school; a rumour no one could disprove or approve.

He’s caught sight of Angela on various occasions, but never really made a move to know his exceptionally brilliant, and beautiful student outside the confines of his classroom. Until today.

Angela was on her way to the school canteen, when she met Mr. Jared standing close to the door of the restroom. Angela had sighted him a mile away, and had already adjusted her cloth to look more attractive, and at least get a double look from the hottest man Barbados High had to offer.

‘You’re beautiful you know’, were the words Angela heard, and saw fall from her crush’s lips.

‘Yes sir’, she quickly replied, lest the sexy smirk she could see now ceases to show.

Only one word could describe how Mr. Jared was feeling now, horny. Terribly horny he was, probably to blame was the nasty chats, and texts he, and his fiancé have been sending to each other all morning. His boner was in control of his thinking now, and all it wanted to do now, was to relieve itself.

Sex in a toilet cubicle, was all he could think about, as he spoke to the highly tempting, naive, and very much underaged Angela Smithson, but at this moment, his boner in-charge of his thoughts didn’t seem to care of all the factors that normally should deter him.

‘Do you want to?’, he asked her, been more direct as unexpected. The naive girl obliged with all happiness. They then moved in through the restroom door, which Mr. Jared had kept ajar, with his hand as support for the past 10 minutes he had been flirting with her.

They hurry into a cubicle and begin frolicking, giving the young girl more reasons to take her to Paris immediately.

‘Who’s in there?’, an authoritative voice thundered.

They both pause on their tracks. The voice thunders again, ‘open this door’. The door swings open in no time, courtesy, Angela, who noticed the familiarity of the voice that thundered incessantly.

The figure walks in, and meets Mr. Jared hurriedly buckling his trouser, ready to run away, and also sees Angela trying desperately to adjust her cloth, almost bursting out in tears of been caught.

‘You’re needed out there, and you’re busy frolicking here with a student. Come on, get out of here’, he thundered again.

‘I’m sorry sir’, Mr. Jared said as he fired out of the premise. The man who had caught them, was Mr. Shokomuno, a senior teacher, who has been with Barbados High for 15 years. He was easing himself in the nearby cubicle, but was drawn to the unusual loud noise emanating close to him.

Mr. Jared ran out hurriedly, into two women who looked worried. He apologized, and kept moving fast. They followed in the trail from where the innocent, young man running for his dear life came from.

There one of them saw what her brain could best describe as an unholy sight. . Her daughter roughly dressed, and inches away from her a man with an unbuckled trouser, a man old enough to be her father.

She began to scream, drawing everyone’s attention to the restroom, ‘a teacher just had sex with my daughter’, she said.

7 thoughts on “Sex In the toilet” by Arinze Talius Dike (@talius)

  1. Hahaha, lol
    Misita Shokomunooooooooo…!!!
    So it turns out the bush meat caught the hunter.
    Nice one

  2. That’s how we see it my brother @Levuz Thanks for reading

    1. Thanks for posting. @talius

  3. Na wa ooo. Interesting! Good job!

  4. Nice twist.

    But, there are some tense issues e.g

    * They both pause on their tracks. The voice thunders again, ‘open this door’. The door swings open in no time, courtesy, Angela, who noticed the familiarity of the voice that thundered incessantly.

    Since you are narrating an event that had already happened, I would assume that it is proper to write in past tense, that is: thunders, in the above example, ought to be thundered; swings ought to be swung.

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